Meditation Miracle: Love and Juice

I'm on Day 1 of my 3-Day Juice Cleanse and I already feel completely changed. The Polka Dot and I had an enchanting (and wet!) walk around Town Lake this morning, and as the rain unexpectedly poured down on us, I felt the resistance, the old beliefs and the general yuck of a previous version of me just washing away effortlessly.

It was divine.

And in a flash of genius and gratitude and laughter, I saw in my mind's eye this beautiful path of stones laid before me and behind me and the trail of healing it is guiding me along.

I can honestly say that this juice cleanse is one of the most genuinely loving things I've ever done for myself and my body. It is undoubtedly a meditation miracle and evidence of the very real change happening in my life. It is this sweet subtle shift of of tenderness and compassion and love toward this beautiful form in which I dwell.

I've had interest in cleansing before; I've actually been juicing semi-regularly for about 2 years. But in the past I looked to something like a juice cleanse and saw all the ways it could make me something I thought I wasn't. I wanted to lose weight or felt like I probably "should" do it or that it would be the "right" thing to do, whether I believed that or not.

Do you know that feeling? That idea that being the you "in here" isn't enough and that something "out there" has yet to find you and make being you okay.

Well, that's how I felt. Incomplete. Lacking. One juice cleanse away from being some ideal self yet attained.

And that very empty belief is being exposed in my life for what is... Not. True. Not even remotely.

And this tender version of me is emerging. This person that sees the beauty not only in the people and things and places around her, but in herself. In me. And it feels like the biggest, longest, deepest exhale I've ever felt.

Even as I type this I want to hug her. I want to hold her face between my hands, look her squarely in those big, beautiful blue and eyes and say,

"My love, you are ENOUGH. You are PERFECT. You are DIVINE. You don't need to lose anymore weight or read another self-help book or coach another client or write another blog post or earn another dollar or anything else you focus on at times to feel more worthy. You are the perfect you already."

So that's what I'm already soaking in on Day 1 of this beautiful experiment.

In homage to all the beautiful things I've realized about this human experience and what our bodies do for us and how we can honor them, I am offering myself this experience out of pure love.

It is a love offering of vitality, a peace offering of harmony, and a spirit offering of nurturing.

It is me seeing myself for what feels like the first time and feeding myself of the nectar of the Gods.

Yep, that's what my life is like these days. Meditation miracles and loving revelations and big hugs from the divine. And juice.