40 Days of Meditation: How My Meditation Journey Began

As my fingers brush the keys, I'm breathing a deep sigh of gratitude and love over here. Tomorrow will mark 40 days since Brian and I began our journey with meditation, and I am in quiet awe and contemplation of a life completely transformed.

It has been a fast and intense love affair full of deep emotion and expansive growth, and I can easily say I have never felt so happy, so alive and so at peace in my entire life.

As our transformation has unfolded, so many of our family and friends have watched encouragingly and made their own leaps into themselves. I can count at least 15 people I know who have started meditating since seeing the changes in Brian and me, and it makes my heart swell with joy to see the ripples we all create in our lives.

The journey began for us when we went to a workshop put on by Dr. Joe Dispenza in late June. I had first heard Dr. Joe speak earlier this year at a Hay House conference in Austin, and I was moved by his book and by his very logical, scientific approach to something that had always seemed so inaccessible to me.

Meeting Dr. Joe in Austin, March 2013
Meeting Dr. Joe in Austin, March 2013

Even though I read and was inspired by the book, I didn't start the meditations until we went to the June workshop. I of course thought I was too busy and couldn't imagine "finding" an hour in my jam-packed day as a mom to just sit there and meditate. I now of course chuckle at myself and the very limiting belief that was keeping me stuck in my same old life.

At the workshop we learned the latest science behind changing our brains and how meditation chemically and physically alters your body to change your beliefs and thus change your life. Armed with the knowledge of what our body was experiencing, we sat through multiple guided meditations each day lasting upwards of an hour or more.

I had never meditated for more than 15 or 20 minutes at a time and never regularly, and I marveled at the immediate results I felt. I came out of meditation a new person each time, shedding deeply held beliefs and seeing through completely new eyes. It was invigorating and intoxicating, and I wanted more.

After the event, Brian and I continued the work at home. Waking at 5am each morning, we meditated together for an hour before Chloe woke around 6am. Some days it was harder than others to get up and make that long walk to the couch, but faithfully we went, day in and day out. Together we sat side by side, drifted into the field of possibilities and completely lost our minds.

And of course the miracles started piling up. Little sums of unexpected money seemed to start showing up almost daily. Serendipitous run-ins with friends we were thinking about. Brian's birdie on the golf course. Parking next to the EXACT dream car I had just playfully built online the night before and visualized that morning.

Life just started getting, well, more FUN. We were lighter, more relaxed. We were laughing more, connecting more. Each day was just more enjoyable all-around.

Because we were getting up so early, we were now wide awake and on top of the world by the time Chloe woke up. What once was a bleary-eyed wake-up and morning diaper change for me became a full-on family dance party in Chloe's nursery. Her eyes sparkle when she sees us come through that door now and she dances with joy as we sing our newly-inspired morning wake-up song.

As if that wasn't enough, bigger things started happening. Chloe's severe food allergies were spontaneously healed after doing healing meditations we learned at the workshop. Money magically showed up for us to attend the next workshop put on by Dr. Joe, this time in Denver over 4 days. Beautiful visions showed up in my meditations that started happening in my life.

In the Denver airport on the way to the Advanced Workshop
In the Denver airport on the way to the Advanced Workshop

Life has spiraled in uncontrollable bliss since then. We were unexpectedly asked to share our story onstage at the workshop, and true to a vision I had prior to going, our story is being followed in a documentary Dr. Joe is making to share this information with the world.

It has been one amazing miracle after another.

I came back from Denver completely floating. After 4 intense days of 6am-6pm meditation, learning and healing I felt totally and utterly transformed. A previously out-of-balance body has felt healthier and lighter. Ailments that have plagued me for years have magically lifted.

And of course in perfect harmony with all this growth and change I have been attracted to other healers and information that is adding to the transformation. In complete synchronicity I also began work with a former geneticist and scientist-turned-healer to release trapped emotions stored in my body. In a true moment of "PSSSHT! YOU'RE CLEARED!" my body released trapped energy tied to old injuries, heartaches and past life gunk that was holding me back. And yes, I could FEEL it, and it has freed me up to experience much deeper change in my meditations.

And if the anecdotal evidence wasn't enough, the science has been documenting my change along the way. At the workshop in Denver, I participated in the research Dr. Joe and colleagues are doing to back up these beautiful results. I was unexpectedly (love all the unexpected miracles!) asked to participate in a brain scan (EEG) during one of my meditations and my off-the-chart brainwaves explained the changes I have been feeling in my life.

Dr. Joe says that the amplitude of the change in your brain has to be larger than the amplitude of the original event that caused the belief, and that is exactly what my brain scan showed. Extremely high amplitude literally wiping away old beliefs...in essence completely dissolving the past.

I also had my energy centers read using a GDV device which showed previously imbalanced chakras in perfect alignment by the end of the workshop.

A photo of the computer screen after my GDV reading on the final day of the workshop in Denver
A photo of the computer screen after my GDV reading on the final day of the workshop in Denver

I am completely in awe of this process and I am madly in love with 5am. I am enchanted by the divine and mesmerized by the color and vibrancy of the physical world around me. Life quite literally has new meaning for me, and I am living in a state of utter gratitude for this miraculous change.

So of course I can't help but smile ear to ear as I type this. And I know that to so many who are trapped in the confines of their life-long beliefs it sounds completely crazy. But the beauty is that I just don't care anymore how it sounds. I am happier than I've ever been in my life, and suddenly all that matters is expanding that love. And worrying about what others think of me was never loving to me.

I am in a state of calm awareness. I am perfectly content in the moment. I am in gratitude of the magic around me and the people and love in my life.

I don't feel the need to nervously project to the future. I'm not worried about the "what-ifs" anymore. I am quietly observing a life like I never could have possibly imagined unfold before my very eyes, and I am immensely appreciative.

So I write this now as a gift to both you and me. I honor my beautiful journey by recounting these immensely personal and joyful last 40 days. And I offer to you the secret for what it takes to live the life of your dreams.

For me that secret has been starting each day in the space between my thoughts. It has been a loving commitment to releasing the past and forgoing the focus on the future in exchange for the richness of this miraculous moment right here, right now. And it is a beautiful meditation practice that is as close to me now as a lover or a child.

And the most precious part of all is that we are all one. And so it is for me, it is for you as well. What benefits one, benefits us all.

And so I honor your beautiful journey. And it is my honor to share mine with you.

May you find the happiness you seek and wisdom to realize it was in you all along.