Kayla’s readings bring more than guidance. They bring hope, excitement... and the accuracy Kayla channels will make you cry, a touching cry, a reminder of how loved, special, cared for and watched over we really are.
— CT, Mexico

Work with Me

Channeled readings are offered either face-to-face (online via Zoom) or as written reports. During our time together, you’ll receive channeled messages from your guides and can ask whatever questions you like. The process is nourishing, uplifting and deeply validating.

Semester With Spirit is a 12-week, personalized, deep-study 1:1 course to deepen your connection with yourself and with the other side. The material is taught in a combination of online courses, face-to-face meetings, and written readings.

My experience working with you Kayla was abso-fucking-lutely fabulous! I want everyone I know and love to get the opportunity to bask in your energy. You were able to get to the heart of the matter, to the truth, instantly. You legitimately transformed feelings of guilt and shame into feelings of hope and courage. As you said, sometimes growth is a journey, but sometimes things can turn on a word, in an instant. You did that for me! You provided a map for a scenic journey ‘home’, to the woman I have been waiting to become.
— KD, Florida

My reading with Kayla became my true north. I read and re-read it daily for a month each time noticing something new that was waiting there for me. I felt tremendously loved by every word Kayla offered and truly grateful that the words were written there for me to revisit anytime I felt called back to them. She reminded me to live with detached curiosity and to ask for guidance from my angels when I need it. It was so simple yet so profound as I often forget that I don’t have to try so hard. There is so much love for you here. Kayla is quite beautifully the real deal.
— LY, California


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