A Girlfriend Guide to Learning About Crystals

My love affair with crystals started just two short years ago. While we flirted for almost a decade, it wasn't until I moved to Colorado in June 2015 that we began our deep, passionate romance. My husband, my daughter and I had just left our lifelong home state of Texas to travel the world (We made it as far as Colorado. But that's another story...), and I was craving a little piece of home. 


In Texas I had a beloved metaphysical shop where I purchased delicate necklaces adorned with a single crystal for attuning my energy. Each necklace came with a card describing the crystal's energy, and I would wear one for months on end until it broke, when I would buy another and experiment with another energy. I didn't know much about crystals, but I knew that I loved how those necklaces made me feel. 

When we settled in Colorado I called the shop in Texas and asked if there was any way I could buy them online or have them mailed to me. The woman who made them said no, that she was happy just selling them locally, and so I decided I would try my hand at making them myself. I visited a local bead shop in my little mountain town with one of my old necklaces in tow and paid $6 for a lesson from a store employee. I came home two hours later with a bagful of the necessary supplies and the steps scrawled on the back of a tiny piece of paper. 

The first necklace took me over an hour to make and was completely lopsided. The second was way too short and didn't hang quite right. Then to add insult to injury, it turned out none of my beads were top-drilled but were instead center-drilled for bracelets. 

Suffice to say it was a steep learning curve, but in a matter of days I found my groove and decided to sell them. Just like that. I was so overjoyed by having these magical necklaces back in my life that I did what I always do and decided to share my joy. 

During that summer I became obsessed with the beauty and magic of the crystals. I absolutely fell in love with sourcing stones and traveled halfway across the state to an international gem show to try my hand at wholesale stone-buying. It was exhilarating and intoxicating, and I was falling fast for the mystical magic of the crystals.

I got to know the stones organically and naturally. I purchased Judy Hall's Crystal Bible and found myself reading through it in my spare time. With each necklace I sold, I hand-wrote a card with the crystal's unique traits and healing powers based on what I was learning, and I began to develop a working knowledge of all the stones I was selling. 

Things ramped up quickly from there. I had always had a handful of sacred stones that I kept on my altar, stuffed in my bra or used for channeling during readings, but it wasn't always with clear understanding about which stone did what. I was content to go with my gut and just work with whichever stones drew me in. (Which I still believe in.)

But something was shifting. I was purposefully seeking out specific stones that I was reading about, and I felt myself drawn to experimenting more with meditating and channeling with certain crystals. When I went to a meditation workshop in November 2015 and was guided through the process of manifesting an object into being using only the power of the mind, I decided to focus on creating an obscure, expensive crystal I had just learned about. 

After the five days of meditation and then less than a week home, the stone manifested and showed up in my mailbox, and things got really weird. (The good kind of weird.) 

I began having electric, unexplainable experiences when I carried or touched the crystal. Lightning-like jolts of energy would shoot through my body and cause intense feelings of expansiveness and freedom. One afternoon I experienced spontaneous orgasms for FOUR HOURS, and another night I couldn't stop hysterically laughing for almost an hour. 

The crystal was having a profound effect on my energy, and I realized something very real was happening. 

What has unfolded since has been a sacred romance of following my excitement and allowing the Universe to guide me. My breadth and depth of knowledge has been guided by true passion and deep curiosity, and I have watched with awe as that has created this magical relationship with these wondrous treasures from momma earth. 

I had a girlfriend and client tell me not too long ago that she was feeling drawn to learning more about crystals. She asked about how to deepen her understanding and whether or not there was a class or book I could recommend. And without even thinking, I told her the threads that have woven through my own story. I told her this...

Just start somewhere. Don't try to learn about all the crystals. Just pick one. Pick the one you can't live without. 

Hold it. Feel it. Allow its electricity to flow through your body and into your soul, and then notice all the tiny corners of yourself where you feel transformed.

Trust your curiosity. You have a lifetime to learn it all. Just follow your feel-good and allow yourself to be called in the direction of the crystal that wants to find you. And there is without a doubt one calling to you now. 

Whisper to them. Listen to them. Pray with them and celebrate with them. Hold this piece of our planet and allow its wisdom to penetrate your soul. 

Crystals are a little piece of the divine right here in palm-sized wonder. They are faithful companions and powerful protectors and friends, and they are completely accessible and approachable. 

When we were younger, we all loved playing with rocks. It's because kids don't analyze the light; they just move towards it. And crystals are tangible pieces of the light with the power to heal, transform, energize, protect and nurture. 

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