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Hi! I'm Kayla, an intuitive channel and writer living the good life in the mountains of Colorado with my husband and sweet daughter.

Over the past decade I have spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours in meditation and in the study of energy, honing my connection to the spiritual realms and working with clients to channel messages of guidance, hope and love. 

My intention each time I work with someone is that they leave our time together feeling better. I believe that we are meant to feel good in this life and that by listening to the whispers of Spirit and the nudges of our highest selves, we can learn how to gently calibrate back to the truth in our hearts, back to love. 

I first realized my connection to the whispers of Spirit as a young girl when a beloved uncle crossed over. After his death I could sense his presence and began to understand that there was a host of angels and spirits all around each of us trying to help guide our paths. When I began meditating regularly many years later, those voices became louder, and I was shown how to better that connection and receive guidance and messages from the other side. I have been offering readings since 2013 and teaching retreats since 2016.

I am also a great lover of words, and I balance my time between exploring the mystical and writing. Words are like music to me, and I love stringing them together in ways that stir something within. I am currently working on my first novel, a psychological thriller with a mystical twist, and I love finding ways to marry my energy work with my passion for writing. When time and energy allow I take on aligned writing projects for others. If you’re interested in hiring me to write for you, you can learn more here.


Learn more about my own experiences with meditation.

See me in the documentary Super Natural Mind.

See me in the documentary Super Natural Mind.