7 Ways to Use Crystals in Your Everyday Life

It's a rare day that I don't have a crystal stuffed in my bra, hanging around my neck or sitting by my side. The energy of crystals is physically palpable to me, and I feel more balanced, energized and at ease when in the presence of their soothing hum. 

I was one those people dubbed "emotional" and "sensitive" my whole life. I translated that as weak and felt self-conscious expressing myself fully. As I got older I realized that sensitive was actually code for intuitive and emotional just meant I was deeply in touch with the waves of energy around me. 

The more I've learned about energetic frequencies, the more I have embraced the natural tools for tuning and balancing our own unique energetic signatures. The environments we're in, the food we eat, the people we interact with, the thoughts we think and the media we consume all affect our vibration and thus how we feel physically, mentally and spiritually. And we can help manage that with the use of crystal energy. 

The following are 7 ways I use crystals in my everyday life, and you can too:

1. Hold them during meditation. I usually pick high-vibing stones specific to channeling and astral travel, especially if I'm doing a reading or seeking to receive guidance. Otherwise, I often just grab whatever intuitively feels right. There's no right or wrong choice!

2. Stuff them in your bra. Have boobs, will travel. I pick stones based on my mood and needs that day. Maybe something protective if I'm going to be out in the world or something energizing if I've got a big day of work. Having crystals against the skin is a great way to feel their energy and allow the subtle shifting of your own. 

3. Place them under your pillow. Certain stones are uber helpful for calming and promoting deep sleep. I also have a few go-to friends I like to use if I'm experiencing bad dreams or feeling extra anxious at night. 

4. Protect your space. Placing protective stones at the front door or in the four corners of your house is a great way to soak up any yucky energies and make your space feel airy and light. You can also place them under the bed or in the highest point in your home (like the attic). 

5. Make gem waters. Seriously! You can only use certain stones for this (non-toxic), but putting crystals in a jar of water (or in a jar in a jar of water) and setting in the sun for several hours makes yummy, frequency-filled elixirs. Don't believe it? Make some and do a side-by-side taste test with your regular drinking water. 

6. Create sacred grids for holding intention. Some crystals are natural magnifiers and do wonders to help project another crystal's energy into your space. Using a sacred geometry grid (or creating a shape all your own with crystals), you can arrange crystals on your altar to hold an intention and foster whatever energy you desire.

7. Heal your body. If I had a dollar for every time I've placed crystals on my forehead, laid down and meditated to cure a hangover... Seriously though, simply lying down and placing crystals on whatever part of the body that ails you can have a swift and sweet effect. Experiment with different crystals and take note which work best for you for what ailments. 

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