Three Must-Have Crystals When You Travel

I am leaving the chilly mountains of Colorado today and jetting off to sunny Texas for a well-deserved girls' weekend with one of my all-time besties! The amount of joy exuding from my heart right now is off-the-charts, and I'm already envisioning poolside cocktails and long leisurely patio lunches. 

And even though my energy is sky-high, I never leave home without a little crystal support to see me through the ups and downs of travel and of being away from home. These three trusty crystal companions are some of my go-tos for stuffing in my bra or my favorite carry-on and hitting the road.

1. Smoky Quartz


Hotels are a cess pool of competing energies. I sage my home every time we have a single visitor; can you imagine the smorgasbord of energetic gunk that hotels accumulate? Smoky quartz is great because it dispels negative energies while also being grounding and soothing. I like to stick this one in the pillowcase on the underside of my pillow for extra protection at night as well. 

2. Selenite

This is one of my all-time favorite crystals! Dubbed "liquid light" selenite's dreamy glow is great for bringing in the light and adding pep to your step. Plus, it naturally forms in wands, and who doesn't love waving a wand around? It never needs to be cleaned (which is great when you're traipsing through energy-infested airports, hotels and public bathrooms). When I travel I like to put on my eye mask, plug in my earbuds and hold selenite while I meditate on the plane. I'll also place it in the center of the room when I arrive somewhere to help draw in the light and bring the vibes up in a space. 

3. Unakite

I first learned about this sweet heart stone when I was doing a reading for a client a few years ago. I wasn't familiar with the crystal and saw it in my mind's eye as being supportive for her. When I googled "green stone with pink flecks" unakite popped up just as I had seen it in my vision. This stone helps foster kindness and compassion (which we can all use when we travel) but also reminds me of home. My unakite is kind of heart-shaped, and it helps connect me to the people I love the most. It's also great to rub as a worry stone when you're feeling anxiety or unease.


4. BONUS! Moonstone

Although I won't be carrying a loose moonstone, I like to change into my moonstone necklace when I travel. This crystal is actually known as "the traveler's stone" for the protection it provides especially at night and is a balancing and soothing stone. It is also great for seeing beyond the veil and improving intuition, which I always think is important when dealing with strangers in a new place. 

While these are my must-have crystals for travel, always lean into your own intuition. In the same way that all foods don't digest similarly with each person, crystals have their own flavors and feels that vibe with some of us and not with others. The best way to find out what feels right for you is to experiment and play! 

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