Meditation Miracle: Abundant Riches and a Wealth of Gratitude

My house is quiet with the sounds of slumber. Chloe’s noise machine purrs with the gentle hum of the ocean. Brian’s slow, restful breaths fill the air of our bedroom. And I am completely still within my grateful heart. Just before I put Chloe down for her nap, she and I juiced together; she on her learning tower, me standing over the juicer chuckling as she handed me the produce piece by piece after sampling each one. Little nibble marks here, chunks missing there; each filling my heart with more and more love and appreciation.

As the juicing bowl filled, so did the emotion in my heart, eventually spilling out in the form of tears down my cheeks.

This life. This kid. How did I ever get so lucky?


I did a meditation on abundance just this morning, and as we juiced I watched in complete awe as the evidence of that abundance poured forth in front of me. The learning tower Chloe was standing on…a gift from my mom. The juicer we were using, also from her. The pajamas cutely adorning Chloe’s perfect, healthy body…from my stepmom. Actually most days Chloe is wearing something that either my mom or my stepmom has bought her.

As I scanned all the most valued components of this precious life that we three share in this home, I saw the traces of my village, my people, my family.

Chloe’s sweet little bum swathed in diapers from my Mema. The blender we use every other day to make her hemp milk, a gift from my Aunt. The inspiration and education to feed my family so mindfully, a precious gift from my older sister.

I could go on and on. From the pink car she adores from my dad to the baby she carries around every day from my Aunt, this kid is energetically surrounded by the people in my life that I love the most. There is abundant evidence everywhere of the village it is taking to raise her.

And I couldn't be more grateful.

I have admittedly struggled with perceiving financial lack in our lives this year. Between a pile of unexpected medical bills, a car in and out of the shop, and the general cost of life it seems, I have had my up and down moments with trusting the Universe when it comes to money.

And yet here we are, living the most beautiful, magical life I could imagine.

My miracle today I realized is yet again all about perspective and how we choose to view the world. There hasn’t been a huge deposit into my account this morning. No one dropped a pile of money on my doorstep. Yet I feel completely different, like the richest woman in the world.

Today I am bowed in gratitude and deep appreciation for the abundance I am feeling and for everyone who blesses us every day with their love and light.

As the late Nelson Mandela said,

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

And I see the brightness of that light embodied in Chloe’s very being, and I am in humble gratitude for its blessings continually poured upon us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.