Confessions of a Mystic

The road to discovering, unlocking and refining my mystical abilities has been a radical experiment in following my curiosity and wildly trusting myself. Ask anyone who actively flexes their clairsenses for a living about their experience with understanding and managing those gifts, and they'll undoubtedly tell you it's a mine field of high highs and low lows.

The work I do isn't taught in schoolrooms growing up. There isn't an accredited manual to reference when things get weird. And there isn't an alumni group waiting to pat you on the back and validate your woes. 

Being a psychic means you're on the fringe.

You're a self-proclaimed minority who not only feels things more deeply than most anyone in your life, but you also have the uncanny privilege of knowing just how much people are snickering about you behind your back. Because, you know, psychic. 

But despite the inherent challenges, it's an existence rich with meaning and jammed with bliss.

When I connect in with Spirit, every cell in my body comes alive with sensation and delight. In the flash of a moment I forget completely who I am or thought I was and exist only as energy. I transcend the body that limits me and the mind that imprisons me, and I operate from this expanded, charged state of truth and simplicity. 

I am one with all that is. 

Many years ago I wrote about my process for sensing the Divine around me. I told the story of the unusual forcing its way into my life, and I shared candidly about the struggles I had managing the many stimuli constantly barraging my third eye. And while the history of that story still rings true for me, it isn't where I am today.

Because being a mystic is about evolving. 

Part of the spiritual life means you are constantly growing, ever-expanding, and always changing.

When I slip into meditation each day, I'm not focusing on the life I have in front of me now, and I'm not lending my attention to a finite belief in only this body. I'm stretching myself into the space around my body that flows out for light years. I'm connecting with all the lives and all the bodies that ever were, and I'm experiencing both the lessons and the bliss of them all right here, right now. 

For me time is no longer linear.

Yes, I live my day as a series of events, and yes, in this body I experience time by moving through space just like everyone else. But I don't feel confined by this reality. I know that by slipping into the stillness I can experience another reality that is not governed by these same laws, and I can manipulate that reality with my focus. 

These days connecting with Spirit isn't about linking in with a specific deceased relative or pulling a card to see what angel pops up (although I still use oracle cards and other divination tools for the incredible clarity they provide). It is instead this subtle dance of observing the energy that emanates from every object and every space I gaze upon. It is about absorbing the whispers coming from the spaces in between. 

My readings are no longer just riddled with specific departed relatives and validating tidbits about objects and memories (although sometimes those things are there). They are instead packed with greater truths. Essence. Meaning. Guidance.

 And what I understand these days is that truth dangles from every molecule in our universe like morning dew sliding from a blade of grass. It's abundant and usually hiding in plain sight, and yet miraculous at the same time. 

because being connected to the Divine means appreciating the subtle. 

We are always being spoken to. 

And if we're quiet enough it starts to permeate our reality. If we're patient enough, we hear exactly what we've been begging to know. 

The magic is in being still enough to hear it, open enough to believe it and brave enough to allow it. 

In dangling out on the fringe with a smile and a knowing. 

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