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5 Reasons Your Soul is Calling for a Retreat

I am home from a month in the jungles of Costa Rica where I was vacationing with my sweet family and teaching back-to-back transformational meditation retreats with my older sister Lacy Young. For two weeks we watched beautiful souls soften and transform on meditation cushions right across from us, their lives utterly and totally changed. I left the experience completely renewed and deeply grateful for this incredible work she and I get to do together. 

Retreating is near and dear to my heart, and it's something I prioritize in my own life. In the last five years I've attended at least one week-long meditation retreat a year (some years more than one) with many other workshop weekends peppered in for good measure.

I lead retreats because I believe in it. Fiercely. And because I've seen the powerful ripples faithfully attending them has created in my own life. In fact, if it weren't for that first meditation retreat all those years ago, I wouldn't be doing the work I'm doing now. 

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You Are More Than Enough

Today I sat in mediation with tears streaming down my face, and I saw the litany of ways flash before my eyes that I've been beating myself up lately. Big things. Tiny things. Strange little things you wouldn't even imagine.

Like the planter in my window. I tried to start cilantro from seed about a month or two ago, and while three little shoots popped up to say hello, they eventually fizzled and fell. Now the planter is sitting in the window with dried out soil and tiny little cilantro carcasses, and I didn't even realize it was making me feel bad. 

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Claim Your Inner Mystic: A FREE 7-Day Challenge

Are you a spiritually-centered person who wants to invite more magic into your life but are not sure how to practically do that?

Are you curious about meditation and mystical tools like crystals and oracle cards but could use a little guidance to nudge you along?

Maybe you’re already spiritually connected but always welcome more fun, more community, more ways to experience the magic?

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Your Go-To Guide for Releasing Negative Energy

It happens to us all. We're humming right along in life, things are a-okay, and then we wake up one day in an undeniable funk. We don't exactly remember why we feel so bad, but we know for sure that we don't feel good.

We find ourselves analyzing and judging it in our minds. We push against it, and before we know it we're owning it. We're talking about it on repeat with our friends and family, and it weaves itself right into the definition of who we are.

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The Joy of Mindfulness Meditation (and How You Can Do It Too)

This morning was one of those rushed sort of scenes in our household. My daughter's breakfast was still only half-eaten when we were supposed to be walking out the door, I was slapping hummus on her sandwich while barking at her to EAT, and my husband was running upstairs to take his first call for the day. 

Go. Go. Go.

It wasn't until I got home from dropping her at school that I caught myself in the frenzy of the energy. All at once I noticed that I felt anxious and clenched, and I found myself instinctively taking a deep breath and reminding myself to just be here right now in this moment. 

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What the Full Moon Wants You to Know

There's something undeniably primal that happens during the full moon. Teachers attest to rowdy kids, doctors report more activity in labor wards and ERs, and police officers confirm a spike in strange incidents. The moon's gravitational pull yanks at our tides and tugs on our own watery composition creating a stirring in each one of us.

Yet somehow we've forgotten our indelible connection to this celestial body and the very real effect it has in our lives. The following are the truths I whisper to myself each month as I set my crystals outside to bathe in the magic of our faithful friend. They are nurturing beliefs that when acknowledged will give you chance to pause, reflect and soak up the wisdom nature is effortlessly offering to each of us.  

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Three Ways to Nurture Your Psychic Abilities

"How do you know you're psychic? Is it something we can all be taught?" 

I was curled up in my favorite glider in the living room just a few days ago, and my friend was across from me on my dark charcoal couch peering at me with inquisitive eyes. I had been telling her about my recent experience with a Peruvian shaman, and suddenly we were neck deep in a conversation about reading energy, talking to spirits and traveling through dimensions. 

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My Weekend with a Peruvian Shaman, Part 2

I can still smell the sweetly spicy scent of the florida water that floated through the air in a fine mist and coated my bare skin. The prickles of chilly dampness that landed on my face, stomach and back were like tiny kisses from the divine herself, and the whole scene felt as if it were happening in slow motion, a surreal blur of excitement and nerves as I silently wondered if I had indeed been "cleaned" and what tale my body would tell in the coming days. 

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The Art of Letting Go

For years now I've had the kind of experiences in meditation that make people either want to smack me or study me. Violent shaking, loud guttural noises and orgasmic energy movement are all par for the course these days, and I've stopped trying to diminish my experience for the sake of making other people feel better. What happens to me isn't normal.

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