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Hi! I'm Kayla, a writer and witchy woman living the good life in the mountains of Colorado with my husband and sweet daughter.

Over the past decade I have spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours in meditation and in the study of energy, honing my connection to the spiritual realms and working with clients to channel messages of guidance, hope and love.

I first realized my connection to the whispers of Spirit as a young girl when a beloved uncle crossed over. After his death I could sense his presence and began to understand that there was a host of angels and spirits all around each of us trying to help guide our paths. When I began meditating regularly many years later, those voices became louder, and I was shown how to better that connection and receive guidance and messages from the other side. 

These days when I work with clients I use oracle cards and meditation to channel general guidance from the field of energy surrounding us all. Whether it's deceased loved ones, guardian angels or spirit guides, the messages come through not as individuals, but as one channel of energy meant for the highest good. I call this channel the Oneness.

My intention each time I work with someone is that they leave our time together feeling better - that they feel seen, heard and most of all loved by the infinite field of energy surrounding them and protecting them. I believe that we are meant to feel good in this life and that by listening to the whispers of Spirit and the nudges of our highest selves, we can learn how to gently calibrate back to the truth in our hearts, back to love. 

Meditate With Me

I believe the key to a robust, connected spiritual life is found in the stillness - in the spaces in between. The magic always happens for me in meditation. Always. 

If you'd like to learn more about meditating, sign up here to receive a simple, straightforward ebook called Meditate in 3 Easy Steps that contains easy-to-digest information for implementing a beginner meditation practice plus a short 6-minute guided meditation. You'll also receive access to an online spiritual toolkit called The Wand that includes a 25-minute chakra meditation as well as articles on the mindful, mystical life. 

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If you'd like to explore more from me, peruse my blog or visit my author page on Elephant Journal. There you'll find articles I've penned on everything from meditation and mindful parenting to our family's experience traveling full-time and high-vibing music I love. 

I also collaborate with my brilliant sister Lacy Young teaching online classes and from time-to-time leading in-person retreats and online sacred circles. Visit her website for information on upcoming retreats, SHIFT classes and more. You can also hear Lacy and I on this podcast as we talk about practical strategies for living a spiritual life. 

Finally, watch this video to see the powerful impacts meditation has had on my own life and that of my family. It is truly a magical life we all get to live.