Photo by  Ashlie Woods

Photo by Ashlie Woods

Hi! I'm Kayla, an intuitive and writer living the good life in the mountains of Colorado with my husband and sweet daughter.

Over the past decade I have spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours in meditation and in the study of energy, honing my connection to the spiritual realms and working with clients to empower their own mystical prowess. I am a firm believer that we all have access to the use of practical magic in our own lives, and the best way to wield it is through regular meditation. 

What is Mysticism? 

Mysticism is the belief that there is a great big something more (a God energy, a Source) and that we all have access to it directly and individually. To me, mysticism is the relationship I have with the unseen (Spirit) and the devotion I practice in its pursuit.

What is Practical Mysticism?

Practical mysticism is a bridge to the spiritual life paved in concrete tools and practices. It is the work I do taking what could feel like hazy, esoteric concepts and turning them into tangible, actionable steps that our linear minds can grab onto. 

When I began meditating regularly many years ago, I was opened up to a spiritual world far beyond my former beliefs or comprehension. I was pressed to the very edges of what I believed was possible, and I found myself grappling for words to explain what was happening to me. Naturally over time, I have dissected my experiences in ways that make it easier for people to first understand them and then to experience them for themselves. 

What are the components of practical mysticism?

There are three main tools I use every single day to feel more connected to Spirit and to both send and receive messages from the Divine. They are:

  1. Meditation
  2. Crystals
  3. Oracle Cards

Meditation is non-negotiable in my life and is the number one tool I use for teaching others how to feel more spiritually connected, how to gain greater clarity in their own lives, and how to feel more mystically empowered. I teach in-person meditation retreats with Lacy Young as well as offer online classes, e-books, and blog posts for starting and deepening your meditation practice.

Crystals are like the caring friend I turn to when I need a little pick-me-up. The use of crystals energy is far from "woo," and in fact much of our modern technological world relies on crystals in some form to transmit and store information. Ancient civilizations have known this for

Oracle cards are one of the many languages I share with the Divine. They are an easy-to-understand tool for making sense of what could otherwise feel a little foggy for some. When I was first starting to embrace my psychic gifts, oracle cards were a comforting way to get clear messages without the pressure of having to rely on channeling alone.

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Kayla is the real deal. She lives and breathes the mystical and magical and is an incredible guide to learning and harnessing that world - and waking up your own inner mystic.
— Lindsey Witmer Collins, California

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