Kayla Floyd

It’s all about energy.


Hi, I’m Kayla.

I am an intuitive and writer, and my superpower is working with energy.

I read energy, channel messages, offer guidance and lead retreats. And I also write books, articles, newsletters, and more.

Whether I’m channeling the unseen or writing copy, it’s all about energy. Receiving it. Translating it. Weaving it into words that stir something deep within. It all starts and ends up at the same place. Within




Over the past decade I have spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours in meditation and in the study of energy, honing my connection to the spiritual realms and working with clients to channel messages of guidance, hope and love. What I have discovered is that life is supposed to be fun and that we are meant to feel good. We only have to lean into the love all around us and remember who we really are.



I am words’ biggest fan. And I’d love to write for you! Do you have a creative project that could use a little polish? Maybe you know what energy you’d like to convey, but the words escape you? Wordsmithing is my passion, and I’m here to help you.




There is nothing like the magic of retreating to bust your heart and your life wide open! At least once a year, my brilliant older sister Lacy Young and I travel somewhere amazing with a group of life-loving people just like you. We meditate. We laugh. We have crazy amounts of fun, move tons on energy and leave feeling ridiculously lighter.

Share my joy.


“When Kayla talks, I listen.  And I soak up every word.  She is on point, funny, loving, and generously shares her knowledge, passions, and gifts. She is divinely connected and her energy and spirit are authentic, honest, and raw. She lives what she teaches and truly embodies that which she believes.  Kayla has a beautiful way of telling stories and sharing lessons that will simultaneously make you laugh and cry and in the end, you wind up more deeply connected to yourself. I am grateful for the many ways that Kayla has profoundly impacted by life." 

-AS, Tennessee

“My experience working with you Kayla was abso-fucking-lutely fabulous! I want everyone I know and love to get the opportunity to bask in your energy. You were able to get to the heart of the matter, to the truth, instantly. You legitimately transformed feelings of guilt and shame into feelings of hope and courage. As you said, sometimes growth is a journey, but sometimes things can turn on a word, in an instant. You did that for me! You provided a map for a scenic journey 'home', to the woman I have been waiting to become.”

-KD, Florida