It's time to remember who you really are.


You, my mystical maven, have the power that creates worlds right at your finger tips. And you don't need a guru, a master healer or a psychic to access it for you.

You are the answer you've been looking for. You have the ability to conjure potent, practical magic in your everyday life.



Claim Your Inner Mystic is a free 7-day course full of easy prompts and fun activities on meditation, crystals, oracle cards and more. We are all mystics. We only have to claim our power and begin practicing our magic. 

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Shift Classes are a-la-carte online courses that cover bite-sized pieces of practical mysticism. Each class is a potent, yet accessible way for you to continue your spiritual studies at your own pace without ever having to leave your home.

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Mystical Readings are a fun, light way to move energy, gain clarity and shift perspectives. Using meditation, crystals and oracle cards, I remotely connect with your energy to channel spiritual messages and receive guidance on your behalf.

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Kayla is raw and real. She speaks her truth and has so much wisdom to share. She is a true modern mystic.
— Jessica Laine Johnson, California

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