"Kayla's readings bring more than guidance. They bring hope, excitement... And the accuracy Kayla channels will make you cry. A touching cry, a reminder of how loved, special, cared for and watched over we really are." -CT, Mexico

“Over three years later I still refer to my first reading with you! I am seeing the things you shared in that reading coming true and at work in my life. Every time we reconnect to do this work I feel deeply seen, heard and loved. I don’t know how such seeming magic and clarity of direction can come from one card draw but with you drawing for me it happens every. single. time. Thank you seems insufficient but with all my heart, thank you." -LA, Hawaii

“I am always blown away working with Kayla. I had all of the questions I was pondering answered without actually giving Kayla those questions. I was unclear on the direction I was heading in my life and wanted clarity on a few decisions I was making or needed to make. After our work I felt clear and knew exactly what actions I needed to take next. Her guidance gave me comfort that I was on the right path and the decisions I was making were the right ones." -LP, Colorado

"Kayla is the real deal. She lives and breathes the mystical and magical and is an incredible guide to learning and harnessing that world - and waking up your own inner mystic. Thanks to Kayla, I'm meditating, have gorgeous crystals in my life, and feel confident drawing oracle cards for myself and friends. Life is so much richer with these tools, and the magic keeps unfolding!" " -LWC, California

"As I sit down to write this testimonial “ANGEL KAYLA” keeps flashing in big neon letters in my head. I have been working with Kayla for a year now doing readings and retreats. My heart breaks wide open when I think of her. I get the tingles when I think of our readings and time together in retreats, and tears of joy and gratitude form at the edges of my eyes. Time with Kayla is massively life changing. The absolutely unique gift she has for swimming in your energy and receiving guidance from Spirit on just what you need is nothing short of AWE inspiring. Honestly, it never ceases to amaze me. She sees your soul and soothes it with all-knowing wisdom and love. I feel renewed and on top of the world after our readings. I am smiling so big right now just thinking of her beautiful spirit and energy. I would so love to bottle it up and wear it around my neck. I am on a wonderful journey of “woo” and can’t imagine my life without Kayla in it. If you are reading this and have not connected with this oh-so-lovely angel, this is your sign - DO IT!" -JG, Florida

"When Kayla talks, I listen.  And I soak up every word.  She is on point, funny, loving, and generously shares her knowledge, passions, and gifts. She is divinely connected and her energy and spirit are authentic, honest, and raw. She lives what she teaches and truly embodies that which she believes.  Kayla has a beautiful way of telling stories and sharing lessons that will simultaneously make you laugh and cry and in the end, you wind up more deeply connected to yourself. I am grateful for the many ways that Kayla has profoundly impacted by life." -AS, Tennessee

"Kayla is a true spiritual developer, a great master of mysticism and a truly divine spiritual being.  She has helped me discover, bring forth and own my own witchiness and has shown me how developing my intuition has helped me manifest and receive gifts from the universe.  Kayla is a true Soul Mother and healer and because of her I am stronger, wiser and at peace with my place in the Universe." -KB, California

“You are grounded and pragmatic and at the same time you are totally and completely connected, an absolute clear channel. All that came forward in our session was rich, and true, and clarifying. I transcribed every word from the recording of our session and have returned to this personal “missal” almost daily. It is such a gift to have done this with you.” -CS, New York

“I have had several Angel Readings by Kayla. Each time I come to her for a reading it’s always to find clarity and even peace of mind. Angel readings have helped me understand some uncertainty I may be feeling or just give me a better idea of the path I am on. Every time I am in complete awe of what I get from the reading, I read it again and again and each time I find something incredible in her words. I usually gift myself a reading for my birthday! I feel like it’s the perfect time to get a deeper outlook on what I am experiencing at that time and what could happen in the near future. I have had many friends who have received an Angel Reading as well when trying to make big decisions or give them hope.” -JS, California

“Thank you so much, Kayla, for your empathic and loving reading, that will guide me for a long time. Your messages left me feeling seen, loved & encouraged to do my next steps! So happy I found you!” -IW, Germany

Kayla is raw and real, she speaks her truth and has so much wisdom to share. She is a true modern mystic - someone who has one foot in the earth world and one foot in the mystical world. Somehow she knows what you need to hear when you need to hear it. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience Kayla’s wisdom and divine guidance on multiple occasions. She has this incredible combination of deep knowledge, connection with spirit and a passion to help others. Any question I have about life or spirituality she has wisdom share - whether it’s about a crystal to help guide me through a specific situation, a meditation that takes me on a journey to my truth. I’m very grateful for her work, she’s my go-to for all things mystical and I look forward to every bit of knowledge she sends my way! -JJ, California

"I have done oracle card work with Kayla and it was perfect! The cards gave me a gentle message to nudge me forward with the answers I already knew in my heart. Her words offered me another connection to Spirit that gave me back the power to believe, trust and act with faith and best of all, to stop being so damn hard on myself! I appreciate her work so very much!!" -KG, Oklahoma

“Kayla is a powerful force who enters the space with compassion, emotion and so much love. Working with Kayla is a delight and the lessons she shares are from the heart and always insightful.” -ASD, New Jersey

"My reading with Kayla became my true north. I read and re-read it daily for a month each time noticing something new that was waiting there for me. I felt tremendously loved by every word Kayla offered and truly grateful that the words were written there for me to revisit anytime I felt called back to them. She reminded me to live with detached curiosity and to ask for guidance from my angels when I need it. It was so simple yet so profound as I often forget that I don't have to try so hard. There is so much love for you here. Kayla is quite beautifully the real deal." -LY, California

"Kayla's sincere commitment to helping others with her tremendous gift is clear; she has the ability to request and assign meaning to the myriad of source information untouched by our own consciousness and then thoughtfully compile and organize it into a communique that is at once informative, succinct and loving. I recommend Kayla's gift to anyone seeking answers and solace in this life from the very spirits who shaped them." -CY, California

"Thank you for helping me come back home into my own body. There is no where else I would rather live. God bless you for holding and creating this space. You have really inspired me." -RS, California

“My experience working with you Kayla was abso-fucking-lutely fabulous! I want everyone I know and love to get the opportunity to bask in your energy. You were able to get to the heart of the matter, to the truth, instantly. You legitimately transformed feelings of guilt and shame into feelings of hope and courage. As you said, sometimes growth is a journey, but sometimes things can turn on a word, in an instant. You did that for me! You provided a map for a scenic journey 'home', to the woman I have been waiting to become.” -KD, Florida

“Kayla, this is so on point it is almost insane. (My friend) was right, you are amazing and I am certainly going to refer you to my friends too. Thank you for this clarity, I really appreciate it.” -DH, Mexico

“Honestly my entire reading was amazing. I love the rush of energy afterwards and the feeling of hopefulness. I have said it many times and I will say it again, you are truly amazing. Everytime I have a reading or even an email I can feel your smile. You have such a positive vibe and it always cheers me up to talk with you. You have a beautiful gift and I appreciate you sharing it with me.” - MW, Florida

“Kayla’s reading gave me way more than I could have ever expected, it was kind, loving and useful. I use her response as a sweet reference all the time! Thank you so much Kayla! -KM, Texas