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When Your Body Doesn't Feel Beautiful

It happened again. 

But this time I was 15 stories up peering out over miles and miles of shimmering blue waters in front of me. The morning sun was soft and gauzy, and the sounds of the ocean sang a soothing tune that echoed on my heart. I was flowing through yoga poses and carefully twisting my body when the sabotage began yet again.

"You fatass."

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You Are More Than Enough

Today I sat in mediation with tears streaming down my face, and I saw the litany of ways flash before my eyes that I've been beating myself up lately. Big things. Tiny things. Strange little things you wouldn't even imagine.

Like the planter in my window. I tried to start cilantro from seed about a month or two ago, and while three little shoots popped up to say hello, they eventually fizzled and fell. Now the planter is sitting in the window with dried out soil and tiny little cilantro carcasses, and I didn't even realize it was making me feel bad. 

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Claim Your Inner Mystic: A FREE 7-Day Challenge

Are you a spiritually-centered person who wants to invite more magic into your life but are not sure how to practically do that?

Are you curious about meditation and mystical tools like crystals and oracle cards but could use a little guidance to nudge you along?

Maybe you’re already spiritually connected but always welcome more fun, more community, more ways to experience the magic?

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Why I'm Hanging Out In My Comfort Zone With a Smoothie and a Smile

I'm snuggled up in a hotel bed with the covers practically to my chin. (A good hotel bed is seriously one of my happy places.) My kiddo is snoozing soundly on the roll-away at my feet, and my husband is downstairs hopefully winning a million dollars in the casino. (A girl can dream.)

For the moment, all feels peaceful. 

We are on an overnight stopover making our way back to the mountains after a week at the beach. And even though it was all sun-soaked and jammed with joy, I am feeling the call of my space and the gentle pull of my nourishing routines.

My heart is full, but my body is honestly drained.

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Love, and Start with Yourself

This is a love letter, an anthem.

It began as a gift to myself on this day of my birth. Somewhere along the way it turned into a lullaby to my most precious daughter. And finally it became this collection of sweet nothings for all of us. 

So listen, dear one. This is for you...

Your desires are beautiful, and they are right on time. Allow the longings of your heart, and pay attention to them. Dream big.

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What Bean Tacos and Cold Beer are Teaching Me About Self-Love

I'm sitting on the balcony of our coastal condo and I'm staring out at the sparkling blue waters of the sea. Pelicans are chattering noisily to one another as they take turns nose-diving into the water. Small boats laze by, and the lap of the water is lulling me into a quiet, open-eyed meditation. 

All is well.

At least it should be. 

But I am not completely present. I keep glancing down at the rolls of belly beneath my thin blue tank top, and my mind jumps back and forth between the beer I'd like to have and the exercising I think I probably should be doing. It's a constant assault, and today it's been particularly exhausting.

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