Thank you for purchasing your reading!

Written Angel Readings are a unique and nurturing way to receive both short- and long-term guidance about your life. Because the reading is written out for you to keep, it becomes a touchstone that you can return to again and again whenever you need guidance or those sweet reminders of how loved you truly are. 

I have found that with readings (as with most things in life), the more thought, care and intention we bring, the better the outcome. The following are a few questions I'd like you to answer to help you organize your thoughts and direct your intention. 

Also, if we do not currently know one another or have never worked together before, please email me a recent photo of yourself to I will use this to connect with your enegy remotely. 

Name *

Preparing For Your Reading

By purchasing the reading, you are giving your energetic consent for me to swim in your energy field and connect with the angels, spirits, guides and departed loved ones who have messages for you.

To further aid in this process, please take a few moments after completing the intention questions above to walk through the following:

  1. Take a few deep breaths and center yourself.
  2. Place your attention in your heart and find a feeling of gratitude.
  3. Call in your spiritual helpers by saying the following out loud: "I now ask for my angels, spirits, guides and departed loved ones to communicate openly and lovingly through Kayla with clear, specific messages for my highest good."
  4. Offer your heartfelt gratitude either verbally or silently, and take a few more deep breaths. 

This is not an exact science. Feel free to read the words straight from the page with your eyes open. You may feel energetically connected to the field around your body or you may feel nothing at all. The important part is that you take the time to thoughtfully, mindfully connect in whatever way feels most aligned for you and that you ask for their help on your behalf.