Welcome and congratulations on taking this beautiful step toward a life lived on purpose! Belief work is the bedrock of creating real, lasting change in all our lives, and it's the work we personally come back to again and again and again. Over the next few days we are going to show you step-by-step how to identify, analyze and adjust your beliefs in a way that is easy-to-understand and applicable to all areas of your life. Trust us, this shit works! ;) 

But for now, let's get you prepared for the magic ahead! Today's lesson is a preview of what's to come and a guide for getting the most out of the next five days. So dive in with an open and willing heart and prepare to get all belief police on yourself! 


In the left navigation you will find the links to each of the 5 days of this class. The password for each day is: beliefpolice.

We recommend taking the full 5 days to walk through this material slowly and methodically and giving yourself plenty of time to do the exercises and integrate the shifts. Each daily lesson is structured with the same sections to guide you through your work for the day. Watch the brief welcome video to hear more about navigating your Belief Kits and read below to learn about each section:


Here you will find your main teaching for the day. This class is a short 5 days, but don't be fooled by the brevity! We will dive right in with exercises to create real change from day one. Our goal is that by the end of 5 days you will have a strong foundation in identifying your beliefs, determining if they are helping or harming you and shifting into beliefs that better serve you and the vision of your best life. We will also give you a taste of easy, self-guided meditations that will easily translate into your real life and also prepare you for our other meditation-focused classes. 



Each day we will offer journal prompts to guide your personal inquiry. Do them! For your beliefs to actually shift, it is crucial that you do the work. The journal exercises are potent, go-to practices that have already helped hundreds of people just like you. Commit to doing the work, and believe that you can change. 


Each day we will offer a few affirmations for you to feel into and choose from to complement your work. We invite you to read through the list and see which resonate most with you. Write them in your journal, perhaps post them on your mirror or desk, or set a phone timer with them written out so you can pause to read them throughout the day. The brain learns both through repetition and through emotional rehearsal. So the more you can repeat your affirmations, feel into the truth of them and adopt them as your own, the quicker you will begin to shift your beliefs and create a new true north for yourself.


In this section you will find your suggested daily meditation. We are big believers that all the magic happens in the stillness, so each and every class we teach has a meditation component. The meditations in this class are easy, foundational meditations that won't take a lot of time. We encourage you to commit to doing them daily throughout the duration of this class and even incorporate them into your self-care routine going forward.


For the purposes of this class, we recommend that you have the following available to you:


We can't say it enough - the journaling portion of this class is paramount to creating the change you're seeking. Make sure you have plenty of pages, a pen that makes you happy to write, and the time and space to go inward. 



We recommend if possible designating a specific space to be your "transformation space" for the duration of the class. This will be where you meditate and do your journaling. This will not only help reinforce the habit but will also take the guesswork out of sitting for meditation when it comes time each day. The easier you can make the process on yourself, the more likely you are to do it.

Also, it's important that you find a space where you will not be disturbed. This work is a gift to yourself and will impact everyone in your life with the changes it will undoubtedly create in you. Be sure to tell your loved ones about your intention for the week and get their buy-in and support ahead of time to give you the space you need to complete your meditation and your belief work each day. 

In choosing a space, we strongly recommend that you NOT meditate in your bed even if you're sitting up. Your brain is wired to think bed equals sleep, and it's important that you stay awake during your meditations. It's okay to meditate in your room, but perhaps bring in a chair or sit on the floor next to the bed. 


Comfort is key! When we meditate, we are working to transcend the demands of the body and slip just between the thoughts of the mind. So be sure that you are in a seated position that you can maintain for many minutes. If you opt to sit on the floor, be sure to place pillows beneath your bottom to elevate the hips, keep blood flowing and lessen the likelihood that your legs or feet fall asleep. You may find that you want to experiment with different ways of sitting each day. This is perfectly fine! There is no right or wrong way to sit. What's most important starting out is that you are comfortable and upright. 



Intention is everything. Henry Ford once said, "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right." And we couldn't agree more. Practice having a beginner's mind as you face your beliefs and move through the work. Try this affirmation on for the week, "I am open to seeing things differently; I am willing to change." 


Try to keep things as simple as possible this week. Don't get too fussy about having the "perfect" space, and don't freak out if you miss a meditation or can't get through an entire class one day. Life happens. Resolve to complete the work no matter how long it takes, and make it up later in the day or another day altogether. Take things at your own pace. There is no wrong way to do this. 


 As you retrain your brain over the next few days, it's a good idea to create space for tenderness and patience. Anytime we try something new, the brain has to become more conscious and expend more energy than normal. This can cause us to feel fatigued, overwhelmed or out of sorts. Be gentle with yourself and know that you are creating a habit that will not only nourish you but also make it easier to adapt to change. 


Likewise, you may feel surges of energy, excitement and inspiration. Each person responds differently to the work, so simply notice how your body is reacting and make note with as little judgement as possible. Inquire if there is a belief lurking in there that you perhaps want to address during the next few days.

The following are a few ways of being this week that you could invite into your heart and mind: Curious, patient, tender, devoted, flexible, light, easy, open, willing and compassionate. What else is your heart and spirit whispering to you? What ways of being would support your shifts for you this week and allow you to sink into the process with grace and compassion?



 We already said this before, but it bears mentioning again. Take this class at your own pace. Make it your own, and make it work for you. This isn't a race to the finish. Belief work is a lifelong practice that you will come back to again and again. Give it the space to be what it needs to be for you right now.  

You are a master creator. It always comes back to what you believe, and if you believe in this work, it will forever change you. 

You've got this! Love yourself enough to do the work and to dig into your beliefs each day. You are so important in this world and who you are matters. May you find yourself in the spaces in between, and may you delight at what you see.