The Wand

Transformation Essentials I Gift Edition

All transformation begins with an intense, burning desire to be transformed.
— Neville Goddard

Welcome to this gift edition of The Wand. 

This edition is focused on that deep, burning desire that we all have inside of us to grow and to transform. Growth is essential to a happy, healthy life, and although it can be uncomfortable at times, when we lean into its nudges we welcome immense amounts of possibility and opportunity to flood into our lives. 

My own life changed completely when I realized that I was not the victim of my circumstances but was instead the powerful creator of my own reality. I began to act, think and believe in ways that were in support of who I wanted to be, and my world utterly changed. I felt more like myself than ever before, and ease and flow became a way of life.

We are living in an exciting time. The mystical is becoming inextricably intertwined with science, and western research is finally showing what eastern traditions have known for thousands of years. The mind indeed has a powerful impact on the body, and practices like meditation and mindfulness have far-reaching results when it comes to physical, mental and spiritual health. 

In this edition, we will explore some of the foundational steps we can all take to welcome transformation into our minds and bodies. You are worth feeling empowered, energized and excited about the life you're living. So grab that wand nestled right there in your heart, and let's conjure some transformation.

Conjuring with Crystals

Selenite Wand - Calming, Cleansing, Clarifying

There is something blissfully empowering about holding a crystal wand in your hand and waving it around in joy and reverence. And selenite is a dynamic, high-vibing crystal to begin any witchy woman's wand collection.

Photo courtesy of  Energy Muse

Photo courtesy of Energy Muse

Selenite is best known for its natural luminescence and its cleansing properties. Its names comes from the Greek word for "moon" and indeed it brings an undeniable beam of white light to any space it inhabits. Naturally forming in long sheets and wands, it is a soft, effervescent crystal that scratches easily and is water soluble (which means it's important NOT to soak selenite as a cleansing method. Stick to bathing it in full moonlight or recharging in in the earth.) 

Wands in particular are used by many energy healers to move and cleanse energy in the body, and selenite is a powerful, persistent friend when it comes to removing energy blocks and getting rid of stagnant, unhelpful energy. The following are ways you can use your selenite wand to affect positive change in your body, your mind and your space:

1. For Energy Cleansing: Moving energy with your selenite wand is as easy as setting an intention, taking a few deep breaths and then running the wand from the crown of your head down the body as many times as you need to until you can tell there has been a shift. With each pass of the wand say out loud what you wish to cleanse. For example, you could say "I release feelings of lack and scarcity." Or perhaps if you are working on a physical ailment, you could say, "I release the energies keeping my lower back in pain." There are no set rules. The only thing that is important is that you find true stillness within yourself and come to the ritual with pure intention. You can also hold the wand over certain chakras or areas of the body to encourage balance and offer light. Practice moving energy on yourself or with a friend, and see how truly easy it is to create big shifts in no time at all. 

2. On the Go: I love to use my selenite wand as an instant mood enhancer wherever I am. I notice that when I am holding the wand, I feel calmer, clearer and more confident (and indeed these are all qualities of powerful selenite). Experiment with carrying the wand with you from room-to-room while at home and simply set it near you while you go on with your day. What do you notice about its effects in the space? When I am leading groups or even having tough conversations in my everyday life, I hold my selenite wand to bring light all around me and to clear my mind. Without fail I always feel more confident and more connected. Selenite has a way of reminding you that your angels are always near. 

3. During Meditation: Meditate with selenite, and you will feel firsthand what I mean about calmness, clarity and cleansing. Some people recommend holding one in each hand, but I find that just the one is good enough for me. Oftentimes I will hold the selenite wand in one hand and two other crystals in another. I've even tucked the wand in my sock when sitting with legs crossed on my zafu so I can hold other smaller stones in my hands. The key is to do what feels good to you. If you're new to meditating with crystals, just use the selenite so you can experience its power alone. Then perhaps add in other crystal for fun. Don't be surprised if you feel warmth, tingling or sensations of lightness or heaviness where the crystal is. My crystals transmute in shape and size all the time during meditation as they do their worthy work!

Magic through Meditation

Expand your Energy - 25 minutes

One of the first steps to understanding your innate power is believing that it is there. And to believe it, we have to experience it. This meditation will guide you step-by-step through your unseen energy body so that you may not only believe in it but also work with it for expansion and wellbeing.

We live an outwardly focused life and are awash with stimulation on a second-by-second basis, therefore it is incredibly important to find silence and stillness to access the energy within. In this meditation, I guide you through a simple body scan to begin to notice that internal energy force. From there we travel up your chakra system observing both the energy and messages at each center. This meditation is slow, melodic and peace-inducing. It will challenge the greatest of monkey minds, so stick with it and carve out plenty of time to allow it do its magic. 

You will leave these 25 minutes feeling more connected to yourself, more peaceful and more confident in your Divine connection. May you be blessed. And may you remember who you really are. 

The enchanting music in this piece is by Carlos Nakai from the album Earth Spirit. 

Experiments with Energy

Build the Ego a home

One of the first exercises I did many years ago to free myself from the prison of the mind was to separate myself from the incessant chatter going on inside my head. In The Untethered Soul (an absolute, must-read) Michael Singer says, “There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing that you are not the voice of the mind - you are the one who hears it.” And disassociating yourself from that voice is an important, vital step in awakening to the truth of your divine consciousness.

One of the ways I disassociated from that voice was to name it. No offense to all the fabulous Gretchens out there, but Gretchen was how my inner critic sounded to me. Remember Mean Girls? Kind of bossy, a real know-it-all and rather harsh. So Gretchen she became. 

Whenever I would notice myself being particularly nasty at my expense inside my head, I immediately called her out. Addressing her by name interrupted the downward spiral and created space for an alternate, more compassionate view to arise. Out loud I would tell Gretchen thanks for her input and then ask her to kindly step aside while I breathed into a softer way of being. Sometimes the shift was speedy and sizable; other times is was more efforted and less extreme. But without a doubt it helped reinforce the new pattern in my brain that said that the inner critic is not in fact the true me. 

Sometimes the subtlest changes in mindset reap the largest changes in our outer world. And the brain absolutely loves visualization as a tool for reinforcing change. 

  • How would you characterize that shitty, limiting voice in your head?

  • Does she/he have a name? What kind of house do you imagine her/him living in?

  • Can you create a physical container to usher her/him into and build a new pattern for trading your thoughts into a more loving place?

Have fun with this experiment. Make it light. Let it be easy. Invite expansiveness when the voice constricts you, and practice showing that presence to a home more fitting for its opinions. 

Witchy Words

Start Somewhere

Years before I ever meditated regularly (and long before I became of proponent of stuffing crystals in my bra), I was in a job I didn't love. I spent most of my days with my feet shoved in uncomfy shoes, my body jammed in stiff suits and my heart kept neatly in a little box so as not to offend the status quo of the work world. But even though I was wrapped in all that woe-is-me, magic found a pinhole into my life. Something sparked. 


I was out for my lunch break one day, and I stumbled upon a little crystal shop near my office. I remember feeling curious, like there was magic inside, some sort of instant fix for my life, and yet at the same time I felt nervous to go in. I wanted so desperately to be the girl who totally fit in walking into a shop like this, but at the same time it felt so completely foreign to who I was then. 

I pushed beyond all the doubt and self-judgment and went in. Once inside I ambled through aisles of potions and baubles, and without cause tears began streaming down my face. I was standing in front of tens of baskets of stones and felt this overwhelming wash of love. I remember picking them up and carefully palming them one-by-one. I read their meanings and felt this instant connection to the words, a strange hope that their magic could be real for me. I picked a handful of different crystals, and I spent my entire lunch break painstakingly writing their meanings down on little scraps of paper the store provided.

When I got home I remember feeling kind of silly. The magic of the shop had passed, and I wasn't really sure what I was supposed to "do" with all these rocks. So I found a small wooden box and set them next to my bed with their meanings carefully folded and tucked beneath them. They sat there for years. And even though I rarely held them, I would still feel the magic creep in from time-to-time. It was like I could lay in bed and hear their whispers. I could feel the permission they had granted me to embrace another part of myself. 

Somewhere between then and now I became the girl who felt right at home in those metaphysical shops. That handful of crystals led to a deck of oracle cards. Which led to magic oils. Which led to books and workshops and retreats and mentors. Which led to whatever excited me next. It was a slow, sweet process with times of huge expansion mixed with a lot of tough lessons. And somehow I always knew those crystals were the first brave step and an important part of the journey that got me here today. 

Just two years ago I gifted those crystals to a dear girlfriend. I shared with her the story of how they had held me even when I had no clue what crystals were or how they worked. And I felt such satisfaction that they were continuing on to do worthy work. 


We don't have to understand the magic for it to work in our lives. Knowledge will always give us power, and yes, it helps to understand, without a doubt. But no matter what, the energy is always willing to hold you. It has no rules or checklists for how it helps or who it helps. The energy knows no other way but to do what it is meant to do. It calls to each of us, and guides us when we need it. We only have to be willing to be pulled and to take that first step.

These days I don't waste time judging myself for my nudges. I simply follow them. They have led me to experiences that once would have been wildly out of my comfort zone but have made me a person I am so proud of today. I am so grateful for the girl who bought those crystals those many moons ago. Without her curiosity and vulnerability, I might not be the woo-loving witch I am today. Her bravery paved the way for my unabashed authenticity.  

Allow yourself to be pulled. Decide to believe in magic. And leave the unfolding to itself.

Energy is Everywhere

See the Wave

I have an absolute obsession with energy. It is everything. It is you. It is me. It is the entire world that we experience with our senses and create with our thoughts. Dive into this eye candy video and swoon with me at the world of cymatics - the process by which we can make the unseen seen. And begin to question what you think you know about the physical world around you. It's all energy. 

Talk with Spirit

Ready to see what Spirit has to say to you? Readings are a fun, loving way to receive guidance and to connect with the unseen. You'll leave feeling lighter and more aligned with the truth of who you really are. Click below to learn more about how readings work and how you can schedule your session.