Awakening the Mystic

The Presence Cleanse

Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.
— Rumi


Pause for a moment and take a deep breath. Then another. Connect into the breath as it moves through your body and then feel your way gently into your heart space. Without story or judgment can you sit with whatever sensations come up? Can you allow the emotions to roll through your body? Can you notice the tiny nuances of vibration? Can you simply bear witness?

You have traveled quite some way down this alchemical, mystical path. Through past lives and other dimensions. Into your brain and your future visions. You have declared superpowers, activated intuitive centers, and conjured objects. What you have experienced is real; it is palpable. And it is yours to keep. 

Now you will strip it all back one last time. You will slow the mind, steady the breath and commit yourself to radical presence in the name of your realized magic.

The point of power is always in the present moment. 

- Louise L. Hay

Do not be fooled. While the concept of presence may seem simple, it is by no means easy to master in our lives. But when practiced with devotion and a sense of lightness, being present can completely transform the way we both perceive and create reality. 

The Presence Cleanse

This week we are offering a powerful opportunity for you to indulge yourself in the gift of presence. We purposefully are not inundating you with our voices and faces or with interesting scientific tidbits or even with any deeply visual meditations. This week we strip it back to the basics and give you the chance to lean on your own innate wisdom as you come to terms with the shifts that have occurred within you over the past few months. This week is all about you embracing you.

The Presence Cleanse is a completely customizable experience designed to allow you to tap into what you need the most. Over the next few days you will use many of the tools you've learned in this circle to nurture and nourish yourself through finding presence again and again. Our power lies in the present moment, and the more we practice abiding in this presence, the more readily we are able to access that power. The following steps will aid you in this experiment.  



To choose a focus, simply ask your heart what most wants some healing attention in your life right now. When we think of presence, we can picture a loving caregiver sitting alongside us holding our hand in solidarity and love. What aspect of your life could use that kind of support? Perhaps it is your relationship with money or your body. Maybe it's the dynamic between you and a loved one or a lifelong belief that has held you back. However large or small, simply choose the topic that has its hand raised and is eagerly waiting to be called on. 

Once you identify your focus, it's time to set an intention. You will do this by declaring something you are releasing and something you are remembering as it pertains to your focus. For example if you chose your relationship with money, you might say, "This week I release my old stories of lack and scarcity. I am remembering that money is energy and that I attract the energy I project." Again, go with your gut on this. Don't spend too much time tossing it over and over in your head. Trust yourself, declare your intention and then record it somewhere. Write it in your journal. Make an audio file on your phone you can come back to. Declare it to a partner or sister in the circle. Boldly create an intention worthy of you.


We recommend 3, 5 or 7 days for this cleanse. Choose whatever timeframe feels best for you, and of course you may alter the specifications to meet the demands of your life. A cleanse is a potent exercise because it represents a conscious decision to heighten our awareness. Whereas we would normally go unconscious in many aspects of our day, a cleanse invites presence and thus new perspective and understanding. 



Since this cleanse is about presence itself, we recommend limiting your intake of anything that you know tends to take you out of the present moment or trigger old stories around your focus. The following are a few suggestions but is by no means comprehensive. This cleanse is meant to be personalized to you and your own intentions, so trust your instinct on what you could use a break from this week.

  • TV News, magazines, radio and other media

  • Social media

  • Alcohol

  • Sugar

  • Complaining

  • Gossip

  • Toxic people



The following four practices are the crux of your cleanse and will support you as you shift into greater awareness around your focus this week.

Daily Meditation

The magic happens in meditation. There's just no way around it. No matter what concept we learn, no matter how inspired we may be, no matter what excitement lights us up in the waking, physical world, the dots are always connected when we slip into the spaces in between.

Quantum physics tells us that all matter comes from a big, black field of limitless potential and that it is only when we spend time focused in this void that we are able to create something out of nothing. So this is exactly what we will all do this week. 

Spend at least 20 minutes every day focused on the field of all possibilities. There is nothing to conjure, no emotion to connect with and no vision to produce. Simply spend time meditating on the space all around you. Open your focus, soften your heart, and allow yourself to drift. (More on this in the Meditation section of the Kit.)

Take at least a few minutes after meditation to record your experiences as well. As much as you can, stay away from judging the experience (that was a "good" meditation or a "bad" meditation) and simply write down your observations (my attention was scattered or my attention was focused). 

Breath Checks


In yoga, the breath is our connection to prana, our life force. In Chinese medicine, it is our chi. With the power of a single breath, we can both stoke the inner fire or cool our sacred waters. The breath is our ultimate connection to the Divine, and without having to consciously control it, it faithfully and lovingly flows in and out of our bodies without fail. 

Can you reverently devote yourself to being present with your breath this week? 

Set an alarm on your phone. Write notes on your mirror. Carry a stone in your pocket. Whatever you need to do, create some ritual this week around returning to the breath as often as possible. The following are a few ideas for incorporating breath into your cleanse:

  • Chakra breathing - One-by-one, breathe to each of the 7 chakras before getting out bed in the morning and before falling asleep at night.

  • Meal breathing - Take a full, mindful breath before each meal and then commit to taking a full in-and-out breath before each bite taking care to thoroughly chew your food with patience and gratitude.

  • Kundalini breathing - Prior to your 20-minute meditation session, practice breathing from the root to the crown while contracting the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles and then holding the breath and attention at the top of the head. Do this 5-10 times.

  • Breath awareness meditation - Choose any point in the body where the breath is easily observed (the rise and fall of the chest or belly, the back of the throat, the nasal passage) and then focus on that spot for a certain timeframe or certain number of breaths.

Card Support

Pull one card from your deck each day to guide your focus for the day. Before pulling the card, practice looking at the spaces in between objects and centering your attention in your heart. Make sure you feel connected and clear and that you are fully present. Out loud, ask for Spirit to guide you (it's as easy as saying, "Spirit, please guide me" or "Spirit, please show me what I most need to know today") and then pull a card. Trust the message and use it as a barometer for how to be in the world that day. 

Oneness Mantra

As you have learned, your words are incredibly powerful tools for conjuring your desires into reality. Use the mantra, "I am connected with...", to reaffirm your focus and intention. This includes saying the mantra each time you meditate, each time you pull a card, each time you do any breath checks and any other time it occurs to you. For the specified time of your cleanse, say this mantra out loud as much as possible.


We love singing a single mantra over and over again in our day, especially when we're driving alone in the car, cooking a meal, walking or jogging outside or doing anything routine where the joy of mantra can bring presence. Don't overcomplicate this. If your focus is your relationship with money, as mentioned before, it can be as simple as saying "I am connected with money." 


Anytime we cleanse, we invite tremendous amounts of energy to move in our bodies. Never underestimate the power even a single day of cleansing can have on the body and mind. Common side effects of cleanses are:

  • Waves of emotion (especially anger for some)

  • Moments of complete clarity and inspiration

  • High/low energy 

  • Changes in appetite

  • Long-forgotten memories resurfacing

  • Changes in elimination habits

  • Reevaluating relationships, beliefs and habits

  • Heightened sensation, especially in meditation

  • Downloads of information

If you experience any symptoms that are troubling or confusing, please feel free to reach out for support. We are all powerful creators, and when we purposefully sent an intention and then devote time and energy in that direction, we inevitably create change, so expect it to show up.


We are connected with you having a transformative week of pervasive peace and nourishing presence.

We are connected with you tapping into your own inner guru and leaning on the teacher within to see you through this expansive experience. 

We are connected with you customizing a cleanse that blows your own mind and gives you exactly what you need right when you need it.

We are connected with you in all your infinite wisdom, magic, power and genius.

We are all connected. 


As the meditation component of your Presence Cleanse this week, use this music to spend 20 minutes with your attention focused in the field of all possibility. To do this simply focus on the nothingness all around you in the infinite space of all potentials. Do not overthink this. Instead of focusing anywhere in the body (like a certain chakra or body part), simply place your attention (and thus your energy) in any of the infinite focal points outside of you. Slip into the ease of the blackness and allow yourself to drift away. 

As always, may you find yourself in the spaces in between.