What to Expect

(Read, Watch: 10 minutes)

Welcome to the Oneness Frequency class. This short 2-minute video will tell you what to expect in the content of this course.

Structurally, this class is broken up into seven lessons:

  1. What is the Oneness Frequency

  2. Evidence in Nature

  3. The Brain Connection

  4. The Heart Connection

  5. Opening the Door

  6. Meditating Into Oneness

  7. The Oneness Frequency and You

It’s really up to you how you move through the content. The 7 lessons could be completed day-by-day over one week or taken segment-by-segment over a longer period of time.

Lesson Structure

the 3 A’s

As we move through each of the classes in this program, I’ll be asking you to interact with the information in three ways: Absorb, Analyze, and Apply.



I’ll begin each day of the classes with a video/written lesson for you to watch/read. This information comes largely from my own personal experience, and everything I’m sharing has either been instrumental in my own process of expanding my intuition or was directly channeled to me in readings or meditations as integral for this course.



Once you’ve watched/read the lesson, you’ll be guided through journal prompts or other inquiries to analyze how this information has already shown itself in your own life. This is an incredibly important aspect of the process because part of truly absorbing the material is finding how it resonates as true for you in your own unique way.


Finally, you’ll be guided in various ways to apply the teaching to your life through practice. This could be through the weekly energy experiments, guided meditations or other activities to help you expand your awareness and integrate the lessons.

Guiding Inquiries

The 3 L’s

I cannot stress enough how important it is throughout this entire process to lean on your own understanding and always center back into your own energy. The whole reason we’re here together is to help you intimately know YOU for the purpose of deepening and strengthening your intuition.

I encourage you to consider these three questions for assimilating not only the material offered in this course but also for approaching any other choice, relationship or situation in your life.

  1. Is it light?

  2. Is it loving?

  3. Is it life-giving?


Honing the intuition can be as simple as returning to these questions time and again. Anytime I’m being called into the role of student in my life, I use these questions as an energetic barometer for what parts of the teachings I know are meant for me and which I can let fall aside.

You are here for a specific reason, and you will undoubtedly have that moment when it becomes glaringly clear what you were called here to learn. Be discerning in what you allow into your new ways of being, and feel confident in dropping anything that doesn’t feel light, loving or life-giving to you.