Share Your Joy Retreat


OCTOBER 13 - 17, 2019


Share Your Joy is a 5-day meditation and wellness retreat for the open-hearted spiritual seeker wanting to recharge the soul, release heavy energies and invite boundless joy.

There is something so enchanting about the energy of Spain. The passion that exudes from her spirited people, the rugged beauty that emanates from her storied lands, the heartbeat that pulses throughout her welcoming culture. She is a country of pure magic, a land that sparks fierce passion and lingering feelings of connection and joy, and she is waiting to wrap you in wonder.

For five blissful days in the Spanish hillsides of Andalucia, you will nurture your body, mind and spirit to align yourself with pervasive peace, deep joy and wild inspiration. As a group we will create an upward spiral of energy, mingling energizing soul work at the retreat center with Spanish culture in the city of Granada. This is not just a retreat; it's a celebration of life. Join us.


Taught by sisters Lacy Young and Kayla Floyd, this retreat is all about inviting lightness, ease and flow. We will center our work on the mind, body and spirit, providing teachings and tools to help you nurture your whole self. Together we will journey through your energy body to unlock areas of stagnation and connect with lightness and ease.

This retreat is aptly called Share Your Joy because you will open the floodgates to fun and playful co-creation. As you free yourself from old programs and beliefs, you will feel more expansive, more connected to yourself, creating a ripple effect of joy, inspiration and potency that you will carry home into your real life.

There will be a focus on ritual and self-care as well as both movement and stillness. You will deepen your understanding of your own energy body, and you will leave feeling pampered and recharged. You will also have a clear roadmap for translating the magic experienced at the retreat into tangible, manageable everyday wellness practices.


During our 5 days in Spain we will:

  • Practice heart-opening meditations in which we will invite peace while going within to move energy. There will be an emphasis on visualization and emotional rehearsal, and beginners to meditation are welcome.

  • Explore self-care and nurturing the mind/body/spirit using oracle cards, crystals, essentials oils, salts/scrubs and other yummy practices. Bring your own favorite deck as well as beloved crystals, and we will incorporate them into our spiritual studies.

  • Delve into our deeply-held beliefs and how they affect the energy body to create blocks. No previous knowledge of the chakras or energy body is required, and retreat-goers will have access to our 21-day self-study course, The Chakra System, if you would like to study this prior to coming to Spain.

  • Move our bodies to transmute and release energy. This retreat will be equal parts stillness and movement, and we will experiment with ways of using the body’s power of movement to move energetic mountains and create space for the elevated emotions of joy and gratitude.

  • Connect with joy and fun! We will take daily excursions off the retreat grounds into Granada for three guided experiences that will leverage our teachings. These immersive experiences are designed to help you open your heart and mind to deeper pleasure and awareness.


Joy is your birthright, and you deserve to feel good. Unplug from your life and allow your mind to clear, your body to be pampered, and your soul to be nurtured.

When we are embodied in healthy, happy bodies, our lives feel richer, and we have more to offer ourselves and the ones we love. Our time together will refill and rejuvenate you in the sweetest ways.

During our retreat you will receive:

  • Three full days of deep soul work led by sisters Lacy Young and Kayla Floyd in the intimate, safe setting of the beautiful and energetically-charged yoga shala at the retreat center,

  • Accommodations at the lovely Lucia Yoga retreat centernestled in the mountains outside of Granada, Spain,

  • Three excursions to: 1) Soak in the relaxing and rejuvenating Hammam Arabic baths, 2) Explore the majestic Alhambra, a captivating palace and fortress that dates back as far as the 9th century, and 3) Journey into a mountainside cave to experience the famed, Andalucian-born Flamenco dance,

  • Three consciously-prepared vegetarian meals each day for the entire duration of your stay,

  • Materials and love gifts to help bring the joy.

How do you want to feel in your life? Can you imagine a life lived from the fullest depths of your joyful heart? What would your life look lived from a place of expansion, celebration and possibility?

Share Your Joy is a celebration of life. It is the recharge and refresh your soul has been calling for, and it is going to be so. much. fun. Women in all phases of their soul journey are welcome. The only thing we ask is that you be open, willing and ready to share your joy.


This retreat is open to all. It is for you if:

You need a break! You are beyond ready to have fun and connect with joy, and the idea of doing it with us sounds amazing.

The thought of sitting in a circle sharing openly and authentically is a hell yes for you.

You are open to meditation and excited to sit in stillness each day. And at the same time, you’re willing to experiment with conscious, guided movement to move energy and expand your heart.

You are ready to shift limiting beliefs and to move mountains of stuck energy in your body.

You know a retreat is just what you need and you’re excited to explore Spain with other soul-centered women.


If you’re not sure if this is for you, please feel free to reach out to Lacy and Kayla, and we will help you decide or find a program that suits your needs.

We'll see you Spain! Hasta pronto.

The cost of the retreat covers our work together with materials, consciously prepared organic vegetarian meals daily, three group excursions, and your room.

Private Room | $3250

Hotel-style accommodations with in-room air conditioning and wifi. Double or twin bed with ensuite bathroom. Some rooms feature a balcony.

Please note that because of the setup of the retreat center, your room may have multiple beds, however everyone will have a private room.


Lacy and Kayla, you did an absolutely amazing job planning and orchestrating our retreat in Spain. I have been to many retreats in my life, none hold a candle to what you two ladies did. I picked up my pink quartz crystal heart today before I did my meditation. So many amazing memories, feelings of love and support, kindness and light are held in that stone. Bravo for a job well done. Lots of love, light and gratitude your way.
— BKS, Missouri


Share Your Joy Retreat

To join us please apply here. Space is limited. Applications will be reviewed within three days.