Thank you for booking your reading!

I am so excited to connect with you! Our time together will be fluid, loving, and conversational in nature, and my intention is that you leave feeling better, clearer and more aligned with your highest self than when you showed up. 

I have found that with readings (as with most things in life), the more thought, care and intention we bring, the better the outcome. The following are a few questions I'd like you to answer before we meet to help you organize your thoughts and direct your intention.

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A few things to remember

  1. Click this link to join me in the Zoom meeting room at your scheduled reading time. Please be ready and on time. If there are technical difficulties or you need to reach me for some reason, you can email me at

  2. Take some time before our session to center yourself, take some deep breaths, think through your intentions and sip some water. The hour we spend together is an act of self-care. Allow your mind and body to shift into the receiving mode the same way you would for a massage or any other treatment. I have recorded the 5-minute meditation included below to help you prepare for your reading.

  3. I can record our session if you like. The Zoom conference room will automatically record the audio of our session, which I can email to you afterwards. If you don’t desire a recording, good old-fashioned note-taking works just as well. Our hearts and minds have a way of grabbing onto the information we most need, so don't stress about remembering or capturing every single word. We'll make sure your heart leaves with the essence it most needs.

  4. Be open to what Spirit wants to say. The one thing I have seen again and again in these readings is that we always get what we need right when we need it most, even if it wasn't what we expected. Sometimes the messages make sense right away, and other times they unfold days, even weeks later. Trust the process, lean into your heart, and know that everything is working out for your highest good.

I am so honored to do this reading with you. Thank you for allowing me to swim in your beautiful energy. You are so loved.