Thank you for sharing your beautiful energy with me!

I hope our time together left you feeling loved, nurtured and deeply seen. My clients often report that the ripples of their readings continue to wash over their hearts and minds for many days and weeks to come and that new clarity unfolds when they least expect it. 

I would be so honored if you would share your positive feedback with me, as it helps me continue to refine my work and to let others know what they can expect from their session.

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Integration Suggestions

It's completely normal after your reading for it to take a little time for all the messages and energies to settle and process. So much of what happens during our time together is actually transpiring energetically versus overtly, and you may notice slight shifts in your mood, energy level and ability to handle the outside world.

The following are a few suggestions for caring for yourself after your reading:

  • Take time alone. You'll be surprised the amount of "a-ha" that happens when you consciously set aside time to be quiet with yourself. Take a long walk. Soak in the tub. Enjoy a midday nap. Nurture your body and mind, and allow peace and quiet for processing and integration.

  • Journal. Writing about what you experienced is an incredible way to uncover insights and shifts that weren't previously connecting in your logical mind. Allow yourself to free-write practicing stream-of-consciousness writing for a set number of minutes or pages. Resist the urge to erase or edit, and simply muse on the page.

  • Meditate. For me the magic always happens in meditation. When we quiet the mind and invite slower brainwave states, we are literally able to access parts of our brain unavailable to us in our normal, everyday lives. This can lead to moments of breakthrough, deep healing in the body and a feeling of greater connection.

  • Connect with nature. The world around us is full of clues about living an inspired, connected, mindful life. When we take time to wiggle our toes in the dirt, to breathe in fresh air and to gaze upon the beauty of the natural world, we trigger the part of ourselves that is connected with truth and deep understanding.


Here are a few don'ts to consider as well:

  • Don't force yourself to share with others until you are ready. I often notice after I receive a reading that it takes me a few hours to a few days to be ready to fully communicate what exactly happened. While I may share my initial joy and excitement about the session with the people I love and trust, I allow myself time to fully integrate and process in my heart and mind before I try to explain it in greater detail.

  • Don't overanalyze the messages. While it's a wonderful practice to thoughtfully consider what came up in your reading, don't push yourself to create meaning that isn't there yet. It's likely that all the messages will eventually make sense, but it's not your job to force that meaning. Read through your notes or reflect back on your session, and notice if anything comes up immediately. Otherwise, let it all go and all it to float back to you at exactly the right moment. Spirit is nonlinear, and she definitely doesn't make mistakes. ;)

  • Don't compare one reading to the next. The most fun part about having multiple readings is that they're always different! One reading may be serious and deeply moving while another may be light and fun. Give thanks for whatever Spirit felt you needed that day, and trust that you are always receiving exactly what is right for you.

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