Can you see the clarity you are creating? Do you feel the expansion already happening? In the last week, you’ve dug deep to uncover who you are, cut the cord with who you aren’t, and built a framework around who you aspire to be. You’ve created purposeful and authentic affirmations to support you. And you’ve either begun or deepened a meditation practice that is already manifest- ing real change in your brain and body. Bravo.

There’s just one last piece before we jump into those chakras and start scrubbing everything squeaky clean.

You. The mystic. The healer. The master energy worker.

Today you will become the expert on your own body and begin a lifelong relationship of tuning into and responding to your own energy. Today you will learn how to heal you.

Healing Modalities

From reiki and reflexology to acupuncture and aromatherapy, there are hundreds of ways that people have discovered to get in tune with themselves and others and create real change in the body. The metaphysical world is ripe with modalities and tools for reading and shifting our invis- ible energy fields. For the purpose of this course, we will focus on three main ways that you can begin diagnosing your energy and healing yourself today: pendulum dowsing, muscle testing, and focused hands-on healing.

Pendulum Dowsing/Divining

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Pendulum dousing/divining involves using a pendulum (a symmetrical, weighted object that hangs from a chain or cord) to receive answers to questions or even to find a specific object, as is the case with traditional dowsing. The pendulum itself is usually made of some sort of crystal but can also be a solid trinket of any kind. We’ve been known to take our crystal necklaces off in a pinch to use as a makeshift pendulum.

The pendulum acts as a receiver and transmitter of information, conveying yes or no answers to questions by tapping into the higher energy of consciousness. It can also convey information about the health of your chakras by the magnitude of its movement. Large, sweeping circles mean a well-functioning chakra. Smaller, subtler movements mean the chakra is out of balance or underactive.

Once you have picked a pendulum, it’s a good idea to create an energetic relationship with it. You can do this by holding it during meditation or simply sitting quietly with it in your enclosed palms directing your attention at it for a few minutes. Pendulums are actually very personal tools that will begin to “vibe” with their owners. Think of it like a toothbrush, probably something best used by only you.

If someone does use your pendulum, you can always cleanse it (which is also a good idea after first purchasing one as well). Do this by bathing the pendulum in sunlight and/or moonlight for an extended period of time (several hours or overnight) and/or soaking it in salt water. Salt water is a great cleanser for all your stones and helps to remove any lingering energies.

Once you have your pendulum clean and ready, you can begin experimenting with it. Hold the top of the chain between your thumb and forefinger, allowing the stone to fall heavy. Still your hand as much as you can and say to the pendulum, “Show me yes.” The pendulum will begin to move at this point and show you what its signal for “yes” will be during your inquiry. Repeat this for the negative responses by saying, “Show me no.” Oftentimes a circular motion will denote one answer, while a back-and-forth motion will denote the other.

Be patient and take your time. The pendulum is responding to your energy, so the more relaxed and open-minded you are, the better. You may notice over time that as you develop your relation- ship with your pendulum it will respond quicker and with more dramatic movements. We have also seen the pendulums respond with more exaggerated motion when an answer is clearer and more emphatic and with subtler movements when an answer is foggy or uncertain.

It’s fun to experiment at first with questions that you know the answers to already. For instance, if your name is Sarah and you're wearing a purple shirt, you could use each of those statements as ways to calibrate with your pendulum. After asking the pendulum to show you yes and no re- sponses, you would say “My name is Sarah.” If the pendulum shows you its yes response, prac- tice again by saying, “I’m wearing a purple shirt.” You get the idea.

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Once you feel comfortable with your pendulum and with the process, you can begin to use it to inquire about your chakras and your personal energy level. Perhaps walk through each chakra saying, “My root chakra is balanced,” “My sacral chakra is balanced,” and so on, observing the responses and comparing that against what you feel in your body. Just be fluid and relaxed and play around. Pendulum work is supposed to be fun! Embrace the fun.

Muscle Testing

Also known as Applied Kinesiology, muscle testing is similar to the pendulum work in that it provides yes or no answers to inquisitive statements. Where it differs is that the only tool you will need is your own body.

In the healthcare world, weak muscle responses are used to signal internal health issues as diag- nosed by trained healthcare practitioners. For our purposes, a simple form of muscle testing can be used to understand the general health of each chakra. In this method a weak muscle response indicates a “no” or negative response to a posed question or signifies a low-energy area of the body. A strong muscle response indicates a “yes” or positive response to a posed question or sig- nifies a high-energy, healthy area of the body.

There are many ways to perform muscle testing. Perhaps the easiest way is the outstretched arm method that requires a partner. One person stands up straight with one arm extended out at shoulder level. Throughout the testing the partner pushes down on the arm firmly at the wrist. When the arm remains firm and strong, the answer to the inquiry is positive or yes. When the arm wavers or is easily pushed down, the answer to the inquiry is negative or no.

As with the pendulum, it’s important to set up a baseline for strong and weak responses so the tester is familiar with that person’s particular arm movements. You can do this by having the per- son tested think of something or someone that brings them great joy. Once they have this in mind, the tester pushes down and the arm should remain firm. Then the person thinks of some- thing they personally feel very negative about. When the arm is pushed it should demonstrate the weak response.

You can do this as well with true and false statements. Again, if your name is Sarah, thinking, “My name is Sarah” would elicit the positive, strong response, while thinking, “My name is Bob” would elicit the negative, weak response. You’ll get the best results if you can clear your mind and relax as much as possible.

Once you feel well calibrated, you can begin to inquire about the chakras. The person being test- ed simply stands with eyes closed and mind clear. The tester can inquire in several ways. He/she can point to a chakra area on the person’s body (without touching) and say (or think), “Is this chakra balanced?” or he/she can call out the specific chakra without pointing, “Is Sarah’s root chakra balanced?”

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Sometimes it’s fun to see if you get different responses asking the question aloud or in your head. Perhaps Sarah’s own energy and opinions about her root chakra are coming into play, and the tester feels like purer responses are coming from the silent inquiries. You can also do a “blind” test where you write words on folded pieces of paper and test the responses while the person be- ing tested holds the folded paper to their stomach.

In studies done with muscle testing, people holding a folded paper that said “Hitler” to their stomach tested weak, while people holding a folded paper that said “Mother Teresa” tested posi- tive. So again, play with it and see what you come up with.

If you don’t have a partner to experiment with, you can practice the “sway” test. With this method you stand tall and still with as clear a mind as possible. You then pose the question in your own mind and allow your body to respond. Swaying forward is equivalent to the positive response, and swaying backward is equivalent to the negative response.

Play with your wording with your inquiries. Perhaps saying the chakra is or isn’t ‘balanced’ feels too vague for your subconscious. Maybe instead you try to narrow down the chakra of origin of a particular ailment. “My headaches are from a root imbalance.” “My headaches are from a sacral imbalance.” And so on.

We often use muscle testing to ask questions about what the body most needs. For instance, say you had that headache, you could ask if the body needed medicine or water or maybe just rest. Muscle testing is an invaluable tool to better understanding your own energy and the ways your body prefers to find balance.

If you’d like to know more, two great books on this subject that we love, love, love are: Power

vs. Force by David Hawkins, M.D. and Ph.D. and The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

Hands-on Healing

Take your palms together and begin to rub them together vigorously for several seconds. Work up a good amount of heat. Now separate them just an inch or so and notice what you feel. That’s energy. That’s the magic power behind your healing touch.

Each of your hands contain minor chakras and are an important point for the inward and outward flow of energy in your body. They are incredible tools for healing, for connecting and for moving energy, and today you are going to experiment with using them in this way.

Warm up your hands again, and with eyes closed, begin to explore your own auric field. Keeping your palms an inch or two off the body see if you can sense energy emanating from you. Zero in on your heart, your forehead, your stomach. We’ll learn more about the specific chakras in the coming days, but for now just notice where and if you feel more or less energy.

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We all have the ability to sense and move energy with our hands. Most of us realize it on a sub- conscious level but haven’t put two and two together that we can call this gift up on demand. Think about how cooling a mother’s touch can be on a feverish forehead, or how impactful a consoling hand on the knee can be when you’re feeling blue, or how a literal pat on the back can make your confidence soar just when you need it most.

We know that touch and interaction are key to our emotional wellbeing. Animals and humans alike won’t thrive without it. But most of us don’t realize we have the power right here, right now, by simply clearing the mind, tuning into the heart and allowing the sixth sense to do the ex- ploring.

We’re not going to say much in the way of techniques with this one. We truly want you to ex- plore. Can you find a friend and practice feeling their energy along their front body, along their back body? What about an area that’s ailing you? Can you scoop energy from your heart and guide it to the part of you that needs it most?

Play with this today and see what comes up. Just let your mind go and follow the wisdom in your hands. Breathe. Experience. Feel.


No worries about writing anything down today. Just play!! You’ve done six days of deep written work, and today you can rest from the journaling if you’d like.

What we do want you to do is experiment with one or all of the healing modalities presented to- day, and see what resonates most with you. Which do you find joyful? Light? Downright fun?

If you can’t stand the thought of being away from your journal today, feel free to write down your thoughts about the process and what you’re uncovering. (We know how it goes with journal love.)

See what you uncover in your body and energy as we head into next week’s chakra work. What parts of you are calling out for attention?


Today we offer you space to explore and connect with the natural healer inside of you. As we wrap this week of foundational work and begin our work with the chakras, what part of you needs extra healing? What ache or pain or emotional wound in your body is begging to be ac- knowledged, yearning for some love?

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Set a timer for at least 15 minutes today and focus your energy on the part of you calling out to you. This is transformative, patient work, so stick with it. We have done this for hours at at time and been completely transformed, so feel free to go as long as you like.

Can you spend focused, loving time sending your powerful, healing energy to one part of your physical or emotional body? Can you stay the course and be there for you? Can you be your own hero?

Be there for yourself. Bare witness to the longings of your heart. Awaken the healer.


I am open to trying new things.
My pendulum is a trusted energy partner.
I can read my own body.
I can heal myself.
I am a master healer.
My body communicates with me easily and readily.
I am gleaning powerful, actionable information from my own energy. I am great at this.


Processed foods, meat + dairy are inflaming to the system. If you really want to clean internal house and promote healing from the inside out, try a day of eating only whole foods, which means foods that do not come in a box or need labels.

Breakfast could be oatmeal or a green smoothie. Try a huge salad for lunch and veggie soup for dinner. Keep it really simple, drink plenty of water, and watch your energy field open up!