Finding Stillness

Relax Into Space I Day Three

Nourish Your Mind

The Field of All Potential

While neuroscience informs what's happening in our brains and bodies while we meditate, quantum physics guides us to understanding how our focus plays a pivotal role in the reality we experience. 

Quantum physics is a relatively recent area of study, only taking shape in the last 100 years or so with much still to be discovered. At a high level quantum physics operates off the basic premise that the physical world we live in is uncertain and affected by energetic attention, meaning you can't predict with certainty what an object will do in space but instead must rely on probabilities.  Classical Newtonian physics says conversely that the Universe is governed by a set of laws that makes object trajectories predictable and concrete.

Let me explain. 

In the old Newtonian world, A + B always equaled C, which in terms of your genetics and cells was kind of bummer. This means that if your parents were overweight or had poor attention or were prone to certain diseases, then you were destined to experience these conditions as well. Newtonian physics is linear, predictable and inflexible.

Quantum physics presents a world where all probabilities are possible. It says that we are not victims to our genetic destiny, and that with the power of our attention (which is raw energy), we can affect the physical world around us. Quantum physicists discovered that the atom - the basic building block of life - is not the same old atom you studied in high school where a nucleus was surrounded by a certain number of electrons that rotated on a fixed path similar to something looking like the rings of Saturn. The quantum atom has a nucleus that is instead surrounded by an "electron cloud" which represents the infinite amount of black space where the electron could possibly pop up. What they discovered is that the electron appears wherever the scientist places her attention. 

Here's what this means. At the core of our very being, at the most basic level of our physical make-up, things are malleable. Where we place our attention matters. And quite literally, the matter that we are made of is responding in kind. 

This is an important distinction because meditation helps us hone and focus our powerful energy. Imagine the difference between spending a lifetime focused on being a victim of your genes versus one focused on the possibility of becoming whoever and whatever you desire.  The implications are life-changing.


Embrace Space

Today we are moving from Open-Focus onto the second Core Meditation Technique - Relaxation. This style of meditation involves focusing on absolutely nothing and allowing ourselves to melt away from physical form and linear time. 

If we are to get into the place where all things are possible, we must practice focusing on the space around us. This technique builds on the open-focus technique and develops our skills even deeper. I first learned this technique from Dr. Joe Dispenza many years ago and have spent hundreds of hours in meditation honing this ability to float deeper and deeper into the sweet black abyss. It is a vital step in freeing yourself from the programmed loop of the predictable life you have built up to this point.

As humans, we are wired to focus on objects. But if we think about the quantum atom, we remember that the magic isn't with the nucleus, it is with the field of possibility swirling around the nucleus where the electron suddenly appears and disappears. This is where all possible outcomes reside. If we can shift our focus to the space all around us, we create opportunity for something new to show up in our lives.  

Think about it this way. If you are on a road trip and staring straight ahead at the road in front of you, you'll never give yourself the opportunity to see any of the amazing scenery. You won't notice any of the hundreds of side roads you pass along the way that could lead to treasures unknown. But when you learn to keep your attention loose and you practice focusing on the space all around you, suddenly infinite possibilities present themselves outside of the narrow trajectory you had yourself on before. 

This technique is paramount to allowing the unknown in your life. The unknown is fun! It is exciting! Would you rather predict everything with certainty and live exactly the life you expected? Or would you rather be surprised and delighted while marveling at beauty you never could have imagined? I choose B. 

Focus Your Attention

Let Go of Time

To get into the field of all possibility, we must melt into fluidity and abandon the hard edges of physical form. This can be challenging for many of us, as we've spent our whole lives focused on the concrete external world. 

Notice today where you feel yourself stiffening. Are there certain areas of life where it's harder for you to soften and invite flow?

Often these areas show us where we have harsh beliefs that need shifting. 

Expand Your Awareness