Day 1


Congratulations on taking the first step in shifting your beliefs and opening up new possibility in your life.

As with any program focused inward, we want to remind you to take care of yourself over these next few days. Drink plenty of water. Get lots of rest. Be tender with yourself. 

When we look inward and begin moving energy, our body can undergo a host of physical, mental and emotional sensations. Practice being the observer for the duration of this class, and experiment with maintaining an objective view of what is occurring in your body and life. Notice any stories that you're telling yourself and breathe through them. You've got this. We're rooting for you!



This class is about how to manage your energy and change your thinking to create a life that you truly, deeply love.

But none of the “how” actually matters.

The only thing that actually matters is that you believe it’s possible for you to change, and that you believe it with an uncompromising intensity that’s stronger than any emotion you’ve ever felt in your life.

You have to believe it deeper than your sadness, more fiercely than your anger, more passionately than your doubt, more vehemently than your shame. You have to reach inside yourself and stir up each of those emotions, each of those deep, vast wells of swirling energy, and you have to ask yourself,

“Do I truly believe my life can change? Am I so hungry to feel better that I am willing to cut the cords holding me to my sadness, my anger, my doubt, my shame?”

If the answer is yes, and if you can re-create that intensity of feeling again and again, then the “how” will work itself out for you effortlessly and beautifully.


Did you hear that?

It’s that little voice of doubt sneaking in.

“What if I’m not sure I believe?! What if my whole life tells a story that says I can’t change?! What in the world did I get myself into?”

Take a deep breath.

It’s all going to be okay.

You’re here. You said yes. You can’t not be changed.

And change does not have to take a lot of time, by the way. (You may want to write that one down in your journal!)

Whether this class waters a seed that will bloom months or years from now or whether it is the sun and the rain that finally helps you grow strong and sure, there are no accidents. And there is no crystal ball to predict exactly what your life will look like a week from now. But no matter what, we can promise you one thing…

It’s all going to be okay.

We know you have that intensity within you. And although we can’t believe for you, we’re standing right alongside you in absolute certainty that you can change. And in these next few days, we’ll create the space for you to begin the work. We’ll guide you to the endless wells of energy flowing through your being. We’ll usher you into the silence and introduce you to the person you always hoped was in there somewhere.

It's time to believe in you.



Beliefs are just thoughts you think over and over and over again until they manifest as true in your life. They are not law or fact or absolute. They are malleable, changeable, fluid little notions that you hold as true for you.

Beliefs are not bad. They serve you. They give you a framework from which to view the world and a springboard from which to create. Beliefs can feel bad when they begin to limit you or keep you locked in fear or pain.

Are you in touch with what you believe about yourself? About change? About your state of health and wellbeing? Even about classes like this?!

You hold millions of conscious and unconscious beliefs, and the secret to feeling more empowered in your life is first getting in touch with these beliefs. You are not a victim to the way things have always been done in your family or life. You get to be the captain of your own heart and mind, and we’re going to start today with taking a magnifying glass to what you believe about this world you inhabit.

In your journal, begin exploring your beliefs. Everything and anything is fair game.

What do you believe about yourself? About this class? About your ability to change?

Are those beliefs in support of who you want to be or what you want to accomplish? Who would you be if you didn’t believe that?

In order to change you have to first survey the landscape. Stay fluid and have fun with this. See if you can spend a day in observation of yourself and the many beliefs that shape your experience. From work to family dynamics to what you consider “proper” etiquette in life, no category is off-limits. Your whole existence is made up of beliefs. See if you can go all “Belief Police” on yourself and have fun with it.

Look, we know how easy it can be to get wrapped up in the stories. We spiral down into the abyss of limiting beliefs sometimes too, and the first thing we usually do is call each other to get smacked out of that spiral. So we’re going to give it to you just like we give it to each other. Get ready to get (lovingly) hit with the transformation stick.

You are not a victim. You are an infinite light being floating through space on a huge rock hurling around a big ball of fire. You’re a freaking badass. Create some beliefs that align with that reality.


Once you’ve identified what you currently believe, start looking at the beliefs you’d like to change. Are they in a certain category of your life like career or body image? Or maybe there are beliefs all over the map that could use some fine-tuning.

Begin to cull out the beliefs that you feel are limiting you or that you no longer want to believe and see if you can create a more supportive belief. Play with this exercise and use color, art, breath, laughter, conversation, movement. Whatever gets you in the feel-good play-space of creation and joy and freedom.

What it means to "calibrate back to love."

Lacy Young + Kayla Floyd

This exercise is 100% about ease. If it feels easiest to have this chat with your best friend, do it that way. If you love, love, love lists, then get out your journal and write away. If you do your best thinking when you’re in motion, then lace up those sneakers and hit the trail for a jog to hash it out in your head. Maybe you could even challenge your belief about how you best create and give yourself space to try something new.

Whatever way you choose to explore this exercise, make sure you are having fun. Step back and observe yourself throughout the process and see if there’s any anxiety, stickiness or fear and then just slowly calibrate back to love (see audio above).

Here are a few examples of beliefs that we’ve changed over the years:

Life is hard.  Life is fun!

You have to go the the gym everyday to have a great body. You can be thin, fit, healthy and happy and never set foot in a gym. 

Money is hard to come by.  Money comes from everywhere!

You have to grow up, get a job, buy a house and have kids to be successful in life. There are no rules when it comes to living your best life. Life is about what feels good.

Here’s a little secret we’ve been dying to share with you. Personal growth doesn’t have to be hard or scary or overwhelming. It can be easy and flowing and natural and fun. When you’re in the flow in life, things find you. You don’t have to go schlepping around finding them.

So let this come to you. Find a way to have some fun today and just ponder this one little easy-breezy inquiry. Ask yourself, “What do I want to believe?” We believe you are all master belief-creators.


Use your powerful intuition and your infinite wisdom to see which affirmation feels yummiest in your body today. Then put that baby on repeat in your heart and mind. 

I am willing to change.

I choose beliefs that feel light.

The life I is want is waiting beyond my beliefs.

This process is easy and fun.

I am in the flow of my life.

I’ve got this.

Perfect timing is at work for me.



Whether you have never meditated or are an avid practitioner, find five minutes today to sit in silence and be with yourself.

Ideally you will be somewhere quiet where you won’t be interrupted, but don’t get too wrapped up in finding the “perfect” place. Simply silence your ringer, set the timer on your phone for five quick minutes, close your eyes, and find peace in the quiet.

Just relax. Unwind. Enjoy. Choose a mantra if you need to. (A mantra is a tool of the mind meant to transcend the mind. Your mantra could be as simple as, “I inhale, I exhale.”) Follow your breath if you’d like. Focus on a particular spot in the body if that feels good.

I AM Meditation [12 minutes]

Lacy Young

This meditation is about finding quiet and making it easy. Do whatever your heart guides you to do. Allow this to be easy and hold space for the shifting of your beliefs to be easy as well. Once you've completed your five minutes press play and receive the I AM Meditation.