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What Bean Tacos and Cold Beer are Teaching Me About Self-Love

What Bean Tacos and Cold Beer are Teaching Me About Self-Love

I'm sitting on the balcony of our coastal condo and I'm staring out at the sparkling blue waters of the sea. Pelicans are chattering noisily to one another as they take turns nose-diving into the water. Small boats laze by, and the lap of the water is lulling me into a quiet, open-eyed meditation. 

All is well.

At least it should be. 

But I am not completely present. I keep glancing down at the rolls of belly beneath my thin blue tank top, and my mind jumps back and forth between the beer I'd like to have and the exercising I think I probably should be doing. It's a constant assault, and today it's been particularly exhausting.

Weekend in Penedes, Day 2 - Part 2

After Albet i Noya we headed to another organic winery called Eudald Massana Noya which, according to our map, was just down the road. However the map showed it before the small town, when in reality it was just past it. So we drove around and around in circles while Brian called the winery and tried to talk to them in his Spanish and their English. When that wasn't working, I eventually got on the phone (while driving standard through narrow pueblo streets UPHILL) and figured out the directions in Spanish.

Weekend in Penedes, Day 2

Our first winery tour started at 10am, so we scheduled our breakfast at Cal Santi with Pepa for 9am, which meant an 8am wake-up call. Brian gets up at 7am every Tuesday and Thursday for school, but I definitely can count on one hand the number of times I've seen 8am since we've been in Spain. So it was a slow morning to say the least, and I overdid it a little on the cafe con the point where I was chattering my jaw and tweaked out most of the morning. It was pretty hilarious! I don't drink a lot of caffeine back home so I don't exactly know my limits.

Weekend in the Penedes

After all the fun we had in the Priorat and Montsant wine region two weeks ago, Brian and I are committed to following our handy-dandy wine book that our friend Jay gave us before we left.  Which meant another wine weekend of course! Well, wine AND cava weekend...

Which of course meant...another road trip! I still don't have the confidence to drive these little standard cars in the city with all the motos zipping around you, so we set off once again for the airport to rent our little car at Centauro. But this time we were surprised with a free upgrade! Goodbye Ford Ka...hello Opel Corso. That's right...four doors.  We're moving up in the world! Although I have to say that I kind of missed my little Ford Ka. She was much more forgiving on my rough shifting at times.


Weekend Getaway, Day 3 - Siurana

We woke on our final (cold) day in La Morera de Montsant with full intentions of heading south to Malseig to take an olive mill tour.  God bless intentions. It turns out most of the olive oil production had just ended a few weeks back closer to Christmas and the New Year.

While out and about wine tasting, people kept telling us that we really needed to see Siurana, another little village, this one with ruins of an ancient castle and supposedly amazing views of the area. After eating breakfast and checking out of the hotel we stopped in Cornudella de Montsant to try to find the winery we skipped on our list the day before and ran across the city cooperative where we tasted this wine....Castell de Siurana.  We took that as a sign and decided to head to Siurana next.

Weekend Getaway, Day 2 - Buil & Gine

After the Scala Dei Cellar in the cute little village of Escaladei, we headed for Gratallops to get back on schedule.

Just about the time we were nearing Gratallops and wondering aloud if this cellar would be as hard to find as the last one (the one we never found), we stumbled across this gorgeous building with a sign that said...Buil & Gine!! We both shouted the name out loud in unison and did a little car dance because lo and behold it was the next winery on our list.  AND we were actually back on schedule! It's the little things.

Weekend Getaway, Day 2 - Scala Dei

Weekend Getaway, Day 2 - Scala Dei

Day two started with a lovely breakfast of juice, cafe con leche, toast and sweet bread at our hotel, and then it was off and away to follow our well-thought-out wine tasting itinerary.  We headed down the windy road toward Escaladei and marveled at all the vines seeming to magically protrude from the rocky soil.  We would learn later in the day that it is precisely those rocks that give the wine its signature mineral flavor. 

Weekend Getaway, Day 1

Brian and I had originally planned to travel to the south of France this past weekend with our roommates and Tylor, but the plans were off and then on again after Tylor was sick and then made a speedy recovery late last week.  By the time the plans were canceled and then rescheduled though, Brian and I had already come up with our own Plan B and decided to stick withit.  Before we left the states, our friend Jay had gifted us with a "Far From Ordinary Wine Guide" about Spanish wines, and we decided to explore one of the nearby regions outlined in the book - Montsant and Priorat.