Yep, we're dorks

We have officially been back in the great U.S. of A. two whole weeks and are counting down 7 short days until we return to Europe for our final 11 day jaunt to Greece before we're officially "back". The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of family fun and lots of Texas road time. And in between visits and long stretches of Texas highway, I have absolutely adored flipping back through our photos and reliving the excitement.

Brian's older sister Dana visited us for our last few days in Barcelona the last week of March before we all rented a car and headed down the eastern and then southern coasts of Spain to beach hop. We had an action-packed Sunday when she first arrived, which equated to a very long Monday in bed for me. (Me and sangria aren't a pretty combination in my old age.)

So Tuesday rolled around and we were ready for a little Barcelona Bon Voyage adventures with Dana. We were set to leave out for our road trip that Thursday, March 31st so Brian and I had a list of things we wanted to do and see before we left our little Spanish home. Most involved eating and drinking. Go figure.

We had been raving to Dana about our favorite cava and tapa joint called

El Xampanyet

so we finally ventured over for lunch...which is from 1-4pm in Spain, by the way. That's been quite the tough adjustment (among many) since being home. Lunch from 11am-1pm just seems wrong!

The cava is cheap and sweet and hits the spot with all the delicious little bits and bites they bring out. This place has been around since the late 1920s and is notorious for the no-menu service. They basically ask if you want tapas with your cava and you are surprised from there. We have learned in all our many trips there that they are vegetarian friendly, so we always can at least specify a spread sans meat.

I absolutely love, love, love this photo because you can see all three of the men who run the place and are always there (the guy in the sweater serving us and the two older gentlemen behind the tapas bar). Brian became addicted to those little red peppers on the top plate. They are filled with the most delectable goat cheese that springs to life on your tongue with the taste of the sweet red peppers before melting in your mouth.

After lunch we wandered to the beach to show Dana our little Spanish retreat from the city.

And lo and behold our resident nudist was also taking a stroll down the boardwalk!! See him? We were crying laughing. He obviously loves coming out for our guests because the last time we had seen him was when Tina was here. No lie he was PICKING UP TRASH! Thank you Mr. Gross Naked Guy. He walked past us and then up the beach where he had a few bags of trash and recycling he had collected that he added a few items to. Then he stood there, with his member grazing the trash bins, and like a good ciudadano (citizen) deposited the items in their corresponding bin. Ew and thank you?

In our three months of living in Barcelona, Brian always talked about climbing this jungle gym on the beach. I pointed out that this was probably his last chance, and he still wasn't jumping right in. His excuse...too many kids! Lol. Older sister was able to get a few jabs in and coerce him into living a little and scampering up there with the kiddos.

Nice technique...

Ta da! Yes, those are the legs of dangling children, still higher than Brian and Dana. But I guess I can't criticize too much, considering I was on the ground snapping the photos!

Brian's favorite for it. He loves the hand-on-hip-twist.

After the "big climb" we headed down to Carpe Diem Lounge Club (CDLC), a popular Barcelona seaside nightspot. We ordered some water and a bottle of cava to share while we watched the (rare) waves crash on the shore. We quickly learned that you are obviously not supposed to pour your own glass of cava at this fine establishment because twice we were a little empty and right when Dana picked up the bottle to top us off, the little waiter would run over, scold her, and then take the bottle from her to complete the pour. Our stomachs were hurting from laughing so hard each time. This pic is Dana getting in a rogue pour. What can I say, we live on the edge.

Dana and I loved that designer Evian bottle. We thought it would be so cute with a single flower in it on a dinner table. And we both contemplated stashing it in our bag to take home. And then we remembered that Brian and I had about 8000 kilos worth of luggage and that Dana was supposed to be lugging a bag home for us too. How about we take a photo of the bottle instead? Check.

Loved the decor. Inside the restaurant/club were big lounger beds separated by curtains where you could sip cocktails and lazily pass the time. It sounded so nice, but I'm not sure we would have ever gotten up. So we opted for a leisurely walk home instead....

Along the way, we wandered past this slate wall. Slate walls in Spain seem to bring out everyone's inner-dork, so we stopped for an impromptu photo shoot.

Double dream hands!


....and JUMP!

Oh the wall was just the beginning. We stumbled upon this little park and decided, when in Spain, why not make a spectacle of yourselves?

Thank you camera with a timer. My life is complete with this ridiculous photo of the three of us on wooden wobbly ponies in Spain. Oh thank you.

Side saddle! Don't you just love how my horse is almost hitting the ground? I promise it was just a little springier than everyone else's. Well, that's what I keep telling myself at least.

For the record, he requested this photo.


Told ya. There it is again. Not the last time either....

Finally meandering back towards the apartment...through the Spanish Arc de Triomf.

And third time's the charm!

When we got home, this Atari box was outside our apartment building with the trash. Brian made me take a photo, so there ya go. Old Atari box.  ;)

Packed in the elevator laughing about a fun, crazy day. Wardrobe change complete for Dana and me and headed out for dinner. Eat, drink and be merry! I think it was strong work for a Barcelona Tuesday.