Why Everyone Needs an Intuitive

Going to a psychic or intuitive for the first time can be daunting for some. There is an immense amount of noise in our culture and media that creates stigma and fear around this sort of thing. The Western world has only in the last few decades begun to embrace the more spiritual practices of the East, and even though more and more people now readily utilize acupuncture, yoga, meditation and other energetic modalities of healing and wellbeing, there is still much confusion and miseducation about the nature of Spirit and energy in our lives. 

What most people don't realize is that we are all psychic. By the very nature of our physical being, we are constantly communicating with those around us at levels unseen to the physical eye. Think of it like the force fields around magnets or the way you can sense a person walking behind you even though you can't see them. The building blocks of this physical shell you inhabit are created of and surrounded by energetic fields that are constantly communicating information at warp speeds with the energies near you. Just because you can't see it does not mean it isn't there.

We are all connected to these energetic bodies and because of that we all have a basic level of intuition. Think about all the times you've had a "gut feeling" about someone or something that turned out to be right. Or how often you've been thinking about someone only to have them call you a few minutes later. The only difference between you and those working in the field of energy and intuition is the degree to which you are tuned into your gift. It's a channel that can be opened or closed, and it manifests differently for each person. 

My own gift comes mostly in the form of images, sensations, colors and messages. Sometimes I hear things in my thoughts. Sometimes I see images in my mind's eye. And other times I feel sensations in my body. It varies in each instance, and it continues to grow and change as I willingly step forward into this practice. 

As I read my clients and watch transformation, healing and release happen with each one, I see more clearly how everyone can benefit from this work when they are open and willing to receive. Regardless of religious beliefs or spiritual practices, there is an undeniable link (that modern science has proven) between the energy of stress and the subsequent development of disease in the body. It is time that we take our energetic health as seriously as we take our physical health.

With that in mind, the following are my top three reasons why everyone needs an intuitive in their arsenal of wellness professionals: 

1. Your energetic body needs well checks too. 

We are energetic beings. Just like you go to the doctor for an annual check-up, it's important to care for and check up on your energetic body. The chakras are not esoteric concepts. They are real centers of energy in your body tied to physical processes occurring in your organs, systems and glands.

Ancient Chinese medicine and the Indian practice of Ayurveda take these unseen energies into account, and more and more Western doctors are beginning to draw this correlation as well. Do not let the spiritual-sounding words fool you. Your energetic body is just as important, if not more important, than your physical body and must be cared for and attended to in order to create balance and wellness in the body.

2. It's healthy to try something new. 

Scientifically speaking, doing the same things over and over causes the body to breakdown and deteriorate. This is what happens to our cells when they're not given any new information. The same routines, the same thoughts, and the same feelings all deliver similar proteins to your cells which ultimately leads to early aging and dis-ease in the body. 

New experiences, however, create new neural pathways in the brain which bring peppy new proteins to liven things up in your cells. New neural pathways and new proteins mean growth, expansion and new experiences.

So whether it's an intuitive reading, taking a different route to work, or selling everything to travel the world, it's healthy to give your brain and body new experiences. 

3. We could all use a little more love.

The one constant in every reading I have ever done is love. Whether it's a relative who comes through, a guardian angel or the guides assigned to lead you along your path, the amount of love each of us is surrounded by is immense. I often weep in the presence of this energy, and I feel it pour through my fingers as I type the reports I send to my clients.

Pure love. Pure light. Pure goodness. Who couldn't use a little more of that?

We owe it to ourselves to nurture and care for our energetic bodies. Your emotions and your energy level are powerful clues to the state of your nonphysical body, and there are loving, powerful entities around you that want to help.

You deserve to be happy, and you deserve to feel the lightness and love that is you.