We Set Our Hearts on Fire!

I am home from an intensely beautiful retreat experience in enchanting Granada, Spain, and my heart is full. For eight days, my sister Lacy and I led a group of fearless women deep into their hearts and witnessed them light fires of magic, power and joy. It was awe-inspiring to watch. 


This retreat marked a special occasion for Lacy and me, as we were called to teach material we had never before taught. We were told clearly by Spirit to pull back the curtain on our own mystical lives and to share intimately what we know about the magic of this existence.

And so in divine obedience, we answered that call. 


We asked each of these women to boldly look at the sacred geometry of their own purposeful lives, to observe the sacred spiral of their experiences and to find the rightness in it all. We taught them powerful, practical techniques for building the field of light around their bodies, and we called them to suspend their disbelief as we revealed ancient stories of mystery and wonder about peoples who have transcended time and space to find oneness. 

It was like one big weeklong witchy slumber party! 

We played with crystals, danced the flamenco, wandered the Albaycin and the Alhambra and soaked until we were gloriously pruny in the Arab baths. Pure. Bliss. 


I was reminded how much I love and adore Spain and how a geographic location can truly have its own energetic signature. I ate as much tortilla espanola and pan con tomate as I could possibly stuff in my boca, and I partook in vino tinto every single evening. Lacy giggled as I proclaimed "I'm so happy!" at least every 5 seconds each time we were wandering the cobblestoned Spanish streets. 


But most of all, if I'm being honest, I relished the sister time. The true sister medicine is the alchemy of my and Lacy's hearts. We laughed so hard (I mean, SO. HARD.) together, and we seamlessly waltzed with one another day in and day out with our teachings. She seriously makes life so much more fun, and my heart swelled with gratitude for every minute that we got to spend in each other's presence.

Even all the nights practically spooning in little Spanish beds. 

I left with a clear sense of who I am and what I know I need and desire in this life to make me happy, and that felt like a true gift. I crossed an ocean to help a group of willing women set their hearts on fire, and in the process I ignited my own.