Vistas Mallorquinas...

Tina is here! Tina is here! She hasn't yet been here even 24 hours and we already had a fun-filled day wandering Barcelona, drinking sangria, nibbling tapas and cheering on FC Barcelona at Camp Nou. But before I start blogging about all that goodness, let me first finish up Mallorca.

I know, I know.... I'm a wee bit behind. And I'll probably get more behind with all the fun I'll be having with one Miss Kristina Bagge this week, but hey, no pasa nada, right?  :)  It's the Spanish way.

Back to Mallorca last weekend....

On Sunday we got up and headed out for Formentor. It was another highlighted spot on our map for a beautiful beach and an amazing lighthouse view.  This was the beach of Formentor. You had to travel farther up the VERY windy road to head to the lighthouse, so we stopped here first and wandered a bit.

Again, I so wished it was warmer so we could lay here all day and just soak up the sun...

We walked all the way down the beach, past the Hotel Barcelo (which was closed for the low season but seemed pretty nice) until we eventually realized we were on private property. Oops. This was the end of the line for us...literally. When we walked as far as we could walk we arrived at these people's home. This was their gorgeous boat ramp but I kind of envisioned it as a natural pool in the summer too. Past this was only the Med and gorgeous skies.

The end of our long walk (ahem, trepassing, lol).

Since we're poking around, why not a photo op from the hotel grounds?

After the beach, we loaded back into the Ka (you're welcome, Aunt Mary) and headed to the lighthouse. See the road? Seriously, people, in a standard no less.

Ta-da! Lighthouse! I seriously can't remember if I've ever seen a lighthouse before. Brian and I had an amusing conversation on the way up trying to figure it out. Guess what? Now I have!

You could see the neighboring island of Menorca from here! Cool huh? I had to kind of distort the photo to see the island through the haze, but we were so stoked to even catch a foggy glimpse! We heard that you can see it perfectly on clearer days.

We've had so much fun exploring together. Brian gets really tickled at the funniest things. We both do I guess, but sometimes he's just like a kid. I think here he had just spit off the top and was seeing when his spit hit the water to know how high we were. Ha! We were REALLY high because it took a LONG time to hit.

Oh wait, I think this was where he actually spit. Hilarious that I'm having this conversation with myself (and now you!). This was a different vista as we headed back from the lighthouse and down toward the city. See the people up there? I was a little nervous about climbing up there because it was so windy and I'm a little queasy with heights, but Brian said I did it like a champ! There was a woman on the way up who wouldn't go any further and had to stop while her husband went the rests of the way without her.

The top of the lookout point...  And let me tell you that that wall is ridiculously low for what you think it should be. No missteps up there because that thing is not keeping you from going down.

After all the vistas at Formentor, my weary tummy was ready for some food and some time on solid ground! So we parked the little Ka in Pollenca and wandered. There was supposedly a neat church at the top of some stairs but other than that, we didn't have a whole lot of direction. Turns out there are lots of churches in this little town, this one requiring no stair climbing.

La puerta (the door) of the church...

When wandering to find a restaurant we of course stumbled upon the stairs to the church we had heard about. So we decided we'd just run up really quickly and see it since we were there already.

There is no such thing as "really quickly" with these stairs. Oh my gosh, I don't remember ever being this winded in my life. We climbed and climbed and climbed and the top still seemed a million miles away.

The silver lining was that along the way we got to see all these cute, quaint little houses situated so perfectly on the hill. The view was amazing too, although I was apparently too preoccupied with almost dying of exhaustion to be bothered with taking any photos of it. Mental picture.

Alas, we arrive!

The church was really quite nice. Small and intimate and oh so serene sitting atop the hill looking down at the town. And a quiet moment on the pews was just what my legs and my soul needed.

The climb down was thankfully much easier, but by now our legs were literally shaking from exhaustion. After all the walking we've been doing (and my yoga), we were still CRAZY SORE the next day.

A little friend peering out on us from one of the houses on the way down.

After our impromptu workout, we were more than ready for food. So we wandered through the plaza and tried to find a restaurant. Since it was Sunday, the pickings were pretty slim, but Brian remembered seeing a place on the way into town with tables outside and an appealing enough menu. So we finally find it, and of course it had just closed for the siesta.  We thought maybe we could wait it out if we had just a few tapas to hold us over so we ended up wandering into a local bar around the corner. The tapas were all seafood so I asked if we could perhaps just have some pan con tomate and a little queso. Well, apparently there were some communication issues, because the guy brings us out two sandwiches with cheese and slices of tomato. Lol. So we just go with it and end up spending a few hours in this little legit Mallorcan bar drinking wine, playing cards and eating our weird sandwiches while a few local old men watched a basketball game.

That night we were absolutely beat from our journey up the mountain and then up that massive hill in Pollenca so we laid low at the piso and ordered a pizza. We had hoped to drive up the coast the next day before our flight, but it was raining nonstop all morning, so we just opted to head to the airport and call it done.  We weren't disappointed though. All we had really hoped to accomplish in Mallorca was to see some beautiful beaches and just relax, and I think at this point we've got both down to an art!