The Wandering Tour of BCN

I continue to be amazed at the treasures we find just wandering around the city.  Sunday afternoon we made the trek to ESADE as a "dry-run" for los estudiantes and later that evening we dined at a well-known restaurant just off the Rambla called La Fonda.  On both journeys we stumbled upon the most amazing buildings and monuments that I guarantee we wouldn't have picked out of the guidebook.  I sometimes think that's the best way to appreciate a new expectations, sheer excitement at having crossed its path, and then joyous recognition later when you look it up and realize you saw something "to be seen".

We are getting to be pros at the Metro! This was our practice trip to ESADE on the L3 Green Line.  The train was pretty packed most of the way, but a TON of people got off a couple stops before the school stop.  Tylor has fully embraced Spanish culture and bought a local magazine with a cover story about how much sex Spaniards over 65 are having.  With photos.  Oh yes, photos of an old Spanish man (tastefully?) grabbing his wife's boob.

After walking up, up, up we finally found ESADE.  This is building 3 - where Shab, Chelle, Tylor and Brian will take classes.  After that walk, this will probably be the only time I ever visit school.

You can see this church/castle from everywhere in Barcelona.  It's up on a HUGE hill and Brian keeps calling it "his castle".  It is on the VERY SOON to-do list.  It's pretty cute because every time we get a good vantage of it, he asks me to take a photo. I have a few photos of it from Parc Guell day too.

See Brian's castle?  This is the non-zoomed view from his bus stop in front of ESADE.

After that walk up the hill, Brian resolved to figure out how to take the bus the rest of the way from the metro stop.  Bus #75 picks you up right outside the metro and safely deposits you at the top of the hill in front of building 3.

Los Estudiantes!

We found this fabulous wall on the walk down the hill from ESADE and did an impromptu photo shoot.  We've decided to form a musical group, and this will be the album cover.  Don't worry - more to come!

The Floyds, a la Shab.

Work it.  Own it.

I just LOVE that wall.  And Brian too.  ;)

View from the neighboring university.  Even the university hallways are beautiful here!

Checking out a vista near the school. (Shab, Chelle, Brian, Tylor) These four are a lot of fun to travel with.  We all try really hard to speak Spanish, go with the flow and live "como la gente".  I feel really lucky to have such a great bunch to hang out with. 

Whatever it is, DON'T do it!  Chelle and I were in the piso last night reading our guidebooks, and found out that this sign means No Parking.  Who knew?

Another sight at the neighboring university.  I think it's the Catalan Polytech University? Shab will know - I'll have to ask her. Anyways, we decided this guy was a Spanish George Washington.

After the trip to school, we ventured over to Placa Espana.  After surveying the Spanish viejos sitting nearby, I think Tylor discovered that this is an art museum.  We added it to the list of things to see on another day.  Whatever day it is that they let you in gratis, FREE!  Life on the student budget...

Another great view of Brian's castle.

I thought my big sis, Lacy, would be proud of this long-arm shot.  Brian managed to center us AND capture the art museum behind us.

Did I mention our musical group?  This is como the Spanish Beatles.  ;)

Placa Espana...not the best pic, but you get the gist. 

I'm not even sure what this church is called.  It was yet another accidental treasure as we wandered toward home from our Sunday afternoon adventure.

Dinner at La Fonda.  This meal was super tasty and very Spanish in every sense.  Sangria, paella, great firends - it doesn't get much better.

This is what they call dinner in Spain!  Eyes are an absolute must...Hola Senor Gamba!

Those spinach cannelloni were to die for.  That little guy is in my fridge right now calling my name.  I know I mentioned it before, but I've been surprised how easy it's been being a vegetarian here.  Most places have been very accommodating.

Another Spanish castle, another uncovered treasure!  We found this on our walk home from La Fonda.

Doesn't this look like something from a scary movie?  It was a dark and stormy night....  The building that the horseman's shadow is on is actually a hotel near the Jaume metro stop.

Another Floyd photo op!  Shab has been making sure I'm in a few more photos.  ;)

My love affair with old Spanish doors continues.

We are finally upon our first "real" week in Spain.  Los estudiantes had orientation today at ESADE.  I found my yoga studio and bought a one-week trial pass. And we're all ready to go to the market and stop eating out so much.  It's been fun, but it's time to kick it into student budget mode.

I bought clothespins on the walk to the cafe tonight and am going to attempt my first load of Spanish laundry.  When I lived here before, I was spoiled with a host-mom who washed all my here's to hoping I don't let our laundry fly onto the neighboring patio below!  There are no dryers, so all the laundry hangs out your window on little unreliable-looking clothes lines, and we're 4 stories up!  I should have paid better attention all those years on Culpepper in Bryan when mom hung our clothes out.  I'm almost certain there is an art to it.

I'll have a full report tomorrow after laundry and my first Spanish yoga class.  This should be interesting!