The View from Paradise (Hotel Arbe)

As my brother-in-law Cliff would say, this totally doesn't suck.

We're staying at an enchanting hotel (Hotel Arbe) halfway between Bilbao and San Sebastian along the northern coast of Spain in the Basque Country, and we feel like we've stumbled upon an absolute gem. Not five minutes after arriving on Saturday afternoon, we immediately decided that a two-night stay had to become three.

So after two nights, two Ayurveda massages, five San Sebastian tapas bars on Sunday, and one quaint authentic Basque dinner in Deba on Saturday, here we are. Sipping wine on a lazy Monday afternoon, staring out at the ocean, once again overwhelmed with gratitude.

The weatherman predicted rain all weekend and we haven't seen a drop. Life is good.

Oil platform far, far off the coast.

Our neighbors.

Where we enjoy breakfast each morning.

Cheers! My favorite Spanish expression...we're alive, let's celebrate.