The Oneness Frequency: How To Receive Spiritual Guidance On Your Own

One of my favorite aspects of the work I do is helping people to understand and believe that they can in fact be their own spiritual guide. We are all connected to the Oneness, and we all have the ability to tap into the infinite wisdom available to us.

I of course understand that some people still want to receive that guidance through a third party in readings like mine. I adore getting readings as well, and there’s something magical about opening yourself to receive. But there is power in knowing how to manage and channel your own energy as well.

When we receive messages from the “other side,” whether it be from our higher selves, our guides or our departed loved ones, we are tapping into the oneness frequency. This is the vibration of unity consciousness and the energy from where we all came. In the Oneness, anything and everything is available to us, and every solution to any problem in our lives exists.

The easiest access points to the oneness frequency are:

  1. Love + Gratitude

  2. Nature + Reverence

  3. Fun + Play

When I first started doing readings, I would use love as a bridge to find this frequency. At the time, I didn’t necessarily have the words for what I was doing or understand the mechanics of it, but I knew that when I got myself into an overwhelming state of love, I would begin to receive messages that I could clearly tell were not my own thoughts.

To do this I would close my eyes and take a few deep breaths to slip into meditation. Then I would focus on the top of my head to propel myself into the blackness (the void). Once I could feel myself detached from my body, I would locate the person’s light that I was reading for. Once I found their light, I would focus on my heart until I felt deep, compassionate, authentic love for them.

I did this in a variety of ways, but honestly the quickest way I found was to buoy off of love I already felt in my own life. I would call up the love I feel for my big sister Lacy - how much I care about her heart, how I love to know about her day, how deeply I am invested in her happiness and wellbeing - and then I would imagine that the person I was reading for was also my “sister” in that way. I could usually tell I was tapped in because tears would inevitably start streaming down my face, and I felt absolutely in love with their beingness.

Recently I took an extended trip to Mexico, and I spent a lot of time peering out over the ocean and meditating on the shore. As I stared into the expansive horizon, I felt that same sense of oneness that I feel when I call up love in my readings, but this felt like a newer, shorter route for me (nature/reverence). It was a feeling I have known hundreds of times in my life, and yet it felt different. It was like Spirit had opened yet another door for me to run into her arms, but this time it was more direct. It was like she was teaching me a new language, and I was speaking it fluently in no time.

I have felt those times in play as well. One time Brian and I were at a meditation retreat in Cabo San Lucas, and we desperately wanted to swim in the ocean, but the resort forbid it because of the danger of the rough water. We had heard that there was a little port down the beach where you could swim that was protected from the crashing waves and the strong undertow.

We hiked down the beach, climbed over a cinder block wall, trekked through a dirty parking lot, and finally found the odd little swimming hole. We laughed and laughed at this strange, litter-laden patch of beach, and then we set about enjoying ourselves. We floated and splashed and swam as the local fisherman looked on and shook their heads. I remember feeling so much joy that my body ached with delight. It’s still a moment I call up in meditations or readings when I want to find that frequency in my body.

I offer these examples to show you that we all have our own ways of finding that feeling. For me I know when I’ve located it because I can feel the vibration right across my heart. My energy immediately opens and expands across my throat and chest, and tears usually well in my eyes. I am washed in gratitude, and everything seems so simple, so straightforward. There is only that feeling, nothing else.

I encourage you to practice finding this feeling and noticing how it shows up in your own body. It doesn’t have to look like my experience or feel the same to you. See if you can call it up on demand no matter where you are or what you’re doing. And once you’ve mastered getting yourself into that state, see if you can then practice opening yourself to receive guidance.

I often set my intentions for what I’m seeking guidance on before I get into the oneness frequency, so that once I’m there I can just bask and receive. But play with it. Send questions out from your heart or your brow or the top of your head, and see what knowings come back to you. Sometimes you may not get exact messages right then, but instead you’ll get signs or meditation miracles afterward. You don’t want to effort too much in connecting with an answer because striving is a contradictory energy to the joy of being in the Oneness.

The truth is that we’re all receiving messages all the time; it’s just that we’re not putting ourselves in the right frequency to receive them. Imagine a line a mile long of guides waiting at your door each holding an answer to a different problem you’ve inquired about, but you haven’t allowed yourself to open the door and receive them. The oneness frequency is the key to open that door.

Focus on love, and practice seeing the spark of vitality in every single person you encounter. Imagine them as a baby coming into this world, and then hold them in your heart wishing them nothing but abundance and joy.

Wander in nature, and gaze upon the beauty of leaves rustling in the wind or waves gently lapping on shore. Breathe in the divinity and vibrancy of life surrounding you, and let yourself be awed by its majesty and wonder.

Allow yourself to play. Move your body in a way that makes you feel joyful, and throw your head back and laugh in raucous appreciation of this magic life. Have fun for the sake of fun.

Touch these feelings, and you will have touched God. Allow yourself to be in the purity of these expressions, and you will have transported to the Oneness. Linger in these moments, and you will get exactly the guidance you seek.