The Miracle Log: A Validation Round-Up

This post is a continuation of The Miracle Log series where I highlight real-life stories of miracles and synchronicity from client readings and from my own life.

When I first started doing readings, I was basically self-taught. I had experienced some strange and undeniable connections to the other side, and I felt like I was being all but dragged in the direction of sharing in this way. But because I didn’t have formal training (not really a college major for this line of work), I was wildly insecure about the whole process. I hated the idea of perhaps being “wrong” in something I shared, and I incessantly worried about clients making life decisions based on the messages I offered in readings. It felt like a lot of pressure.

So as you can imagine, the validations that came through in readings were always deeply meaningful to me. Validations are those moments of alignment and synchronicity when some bizarre thing I hear or say during a reading is confirmed as having meaning in a client’s life. I would anxiously await client emails after written readings (which was the only kind of reading I did in the beginning because it felt “safer” for me to channel alone and on my own terms), and I would revel in all the big and little ways that my words had resonated in their lives.

These days I don’t experience the same amount of anxiety around reading for other people. Sure, there are still moments here and there when I question this whole thing, but for the most part, I’ve experienced too many miracles to get too far down the is-this-real-rabbit-hole. Without fail, the validations are there in each and every reading, and they bring me joy and peace knowing that my channel is being used for good.

So in today’s post, I’m offering a “validation round-up” of three validations from client readings that have made me smile.

The Peacock

When I first started getting readings from a medium, I didn’t quite know what to “do” with the information. A medium is someone whose gift is to speak directly to dead people who have passed (versus my gift which has always been more about receiving guidance from a general stream of higher consciousness), and a lot of the information the dead people passed on didn’t feel too helpful or actionable in my life.

Like the dead family friend who said she missed me wearing high heels. Or the dead relative who was always drinking a root beer float and wanting to jabber on about playing checkers. Or the dead uncle who didn’t like the way I had my kitchen drawers arranged.

I was like, “Uh, okay? Swell. But honestly, wtf?”

So when I started doing readings for other people, I had a private mantra…No root beer floats.

It was my way of telling the other side, “Hey, can you give me signs and messages that will actually mean something to the client and be helpful in their day-to-day life of trying to traverse this whole human thing?”

But what I quickly realized was that sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s a “root beer float” and what’s an actual sign that might be meaningful to the client. Because even though something sounds weird to me, sometimes it is THE thing that ties the whole reading together for a client. So it’s a balance of not filtering myself even when things feel weird, and at the same time trying to keep the other side in line with a clear intention.

This past week, I had a total root beer float moment. I was doing a reading and all of sudden started seeing a vision of a peacock. I didn’t get much clarity beyond the simple image of the bird and its feathers, and when I peeled further the vision progressed into even more obscure imagery. It was a written reading and so I simply wrote:

“…they just kept showing me these peacock feathers. Big, rich plumes with gorgeous blue and green jewel tones. Do peacock feathers mean anything to you in your life? Bueller? Bueller?”

That was it. I didn't try to force much meaning out of it; I simply noted it for her and moved on to things that were clearer and made more sense.

The next day I got a message from her with a photo saying that a peacock had literally just walked across her yard. She had never seen a peacock anywhere near her property, and she was upstairs in her bedroom when she heard a loud squawking out her window. She looked outside, and there was a male peacock strutting across her driveway. If his presence wasn’t strange enough, he ended up hanging out for a while on a part of her property where her recently-passed pet had indicated in the reading wanting to be buried.

It was deeply meaningful to her, and that validation alone made everything else make that much more sense. What was a potential root beer float to me turned out to be the most pivotal piece of her reading.

The Letter V

This summer I did a first-time reading for a really lovely woman who was seeking guidance in her marriage. She conveyed that she had several small children and that her husband worked a lot. But she didn’t share much else beyond that.

She was wanting to know what the energy was around their relationship and if there was any guidance about what could make it better.

When I tapped in, I just kept seeing an image of two people separated by a giant letter V. It didn’t make much sense to me, so I described the image to her. I told her that I could see her on one side and her husband on the other and that the V was human-sized. It was like it was its own person between them, and there was no way to get around it. In order for it to be moved, it would have to be completely plucked, but it felt like that was impossible.

I could tell something I said had impacted her, and so I asked if this had meaning for her. And that’s when she said that not only does her mother-in-law’s name start with V, but that she is the main point of contention in her and her husband’s relationship.

I got head-to-toe chills.

From there we were able peel back more guidance, but that image of the V was validation enough for her. She said she hadn’t wanted to bring up the mother-in-law to me and had wanted to simply be open to whatever guidance she got about her marriage, but with that one image she felt deeply seen and acknowledged in the challenges she had been enduring with this woman in her life.

A Big Heart

Many months back a friend of mine asked if I’d do an in-person reading for a girlfriend (I’ll call her Amanda) of hers who was visiting from out of state. I don’t normally do readings in my home since my work is all on video chat or written remotely. But it felt odd to make this woman sit across town on her computer when she could just as easily come over.

So the day of the reading my friend dropped Amanda off at my home and then went to run errands to give us time together. I felt a bit fluttery and nervous in my heart, but I just chalked it up to being in-person versus over the computer as I was used to.

During the reading, I kept hearing over and over “big heart, big heart.” Amanda was emotional and was asking about work and family woes, and I just kept affirming to her what a big heart she has. She genuinely felt like a kind, sweet soul, so I kept encouraging her throughout the reading as other messages came forward.

When our mutual friend came to retrieve her, Amanda left offering her thanks. She said that many things had resonated for her but didn’t share much specifically. She finished her visit with our mutual friend, and that was that.

The next time I saw my friend, she said how blown away Amanda had been by the reading. I told her that I had no idea, that she had seemed touched at the time, but hadn’t said that anything felt overly resonant or over-the-top synchronistic.

That’s when my friend looked at me and said, “Kayla, she has an enlarged heart.”

Apparently, every time I kept repeating “They just keep saying how big your heart is,” it wasn’t about her personality (even though she was sweet). It was literally about the physical size of her actual heart in her chest. It’s something she doesn’t share with people and didn’t even feel comfortable telling me, but it was the sign she needed to give her comfort that all the other messages were real.

I think that’s the big takeaway for me as I lean into what validations mean for me in context of offering people readings. Oftentimes the messages that come through are packed with simple love and support, and it’s easy for our skeptical, analytical minds to surmise that the messages are too general, that they could be meant for anyone. But then that one whopper of a validation comes through, and it allows us to hear all the other messages through new ears. It allows us to exhale and accept that we are seen, we are loved and that who we are in these human lives really does matter.