The Miracle Log: A Message From Maggie

Let me just say right now, you’re going to want to read this.

Over the last few weeks, Spirit has been inundating me with validations from clients and signs of synchronicity, and as I was feverishly scribbling them in my Miracle Log journal the other night, I had the grand realization that these are exactly the kinds of stories that deserve to be shared.

I remember my early days of meditating and closely following the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, and at that time I voraciously gobbled up any and all stories that validated the existence of the “other side.” My own psychic gifts were expanding at a rapid pace, and I was grappling with feelings about whether or not it was all real. So anytime I came face-to-face with anecdotes that gave me chills of knowing, I was so. freaking. grateful.

So in that spirit I am beginning The Miracle Log series where I’ll share the synchronistic stories that actually happen in real readings with clients and in my own daily life.

*Please note that sometimes names and other identifying specifics are changed to protect the privacy of my clients. In today’s post, Kim agreed to share her and Maggie’s real names.


I recently met a woman named Kim who had lost a child many years back. Her daughter’s death was particularly heart-wrenching, and although it had been about two decades since her passing, Kim and her family still felt Maggie’s presence deeply.

During our time together, Kim shared with me that Maggie’s life and death were uncannily tied to the number 22. She was born on the 22nd, died on the 22nd at 22 months old and was pronounced dead at 22 minutes past the hour. She didn’t share the exact months or timing of any of this with me, just the tie to 22.


This past week I was sitting on the sofa watching a movie with my family when I felt this overwhelming wash of energy as thoughts of Kim flooded my mind. I picked up my phone and glanced at the screen only to see that it was 7:22pm on 5/22. I snapped a quick screenshot and forwarded it to Kim, saying that I had been thinking about her only to find the two 22s on my screen.

Kim replied back almost immediately telling me that today (5/22) was in fact the anniversary of Maggie’s death and that her birthday was 7/22, both numbers perfectly corresponding with the 7:22pm and the 5/22 on my screen. Chills rolled up and down my spine as tears welled in my eyes. I said a little “hello” to Maggie under my breath and then replied back to Kim and set my phone down.


A little while later I picked up the phone again and opened Instagram to see if Kim had replied to my response only to find the first photo in my feed had the name “Maggie” three times - once in the title of the person’s name and twice in the actual photo. Saying a person’s name three times is often a tool used in readings to tap into their spirit, and it was like Maggie was standing there saying “I’m here!”

I of course shared this second synchronicity with Kim, and we basked in the power of her little “fireball” Maggie and how diligent she always is in letting her mother know she is near. Kim calls these little nudges from Maggie “Love Bombs” and has even created her own Love Bomb flower essence in this spirit. (You can email Kim here if you’re interested in purchasing this potent potion.)

The next day Kim and I were emailing, and she shared the realization that earlier in the day before I’d sent her the screenshot of the 22s, she had been reminded of me as well. She was looking online at reiki teacher trainings and right away noticed that the teacher she wanted to learn from was teaching a course in Durango, Colorado - the small, out-of-the-way city where I live. She said that she should have known then Maggie was up to something, and in fact just a few hours later she received my message. It was our third validation. Our third sweet connection orchestrated by Maggie.

Here’s what I know for sure. Our loved ones are undoubtedly connected with us after death, and if we keep our eyes and hearts open, they are peppering our path with sweet reminders of their existence.

Join me next week in The Miracle Log series when I share the story of a daughter who lost her father and his undeniable messages to her beyond the grave. And please share your own miracle stories in the comments!