The Miracle Log: A Father's Guidance from the Other Side

This post is a continuation of The Miracle Log series where I highlight real-life stories of miracles and synchronicity from client readings and from my own life. The client name in this post has been changed to protect her privacy.

When I first met Maya, she was still very raw about her father’s recent passing. It had only been a few months since his transition, and she was eager to feel him near.

I was up front with her that mediumship isn’t my strongest gift. Yes, sometimes family members come through, but more often than not the messages feel more to me like a stream of energy from multiple sources channeled in one loving spray. It’s like a shower head. I can see that there are individual streams all contributing to the flow, but in the end I’m just getting wet.

We moved through the bulk of Maya’s reading bringing the messages forward in this way. We spoke about her work and a passion project she’s spearheading and received clear guidance from the oneness around both. But once we had moved through these topics, she admitted that she really wanted to talk to her dad. I was reluctant, but I told her I would do my best.

Prior to the reading I had felt guided to put on a mala (prayer beads). I was already wearing a long crystal necklace, so the added layer of the mala was a bit strange for me but felt clearly guided. As I dropped in and tried to call on Maya’s father, I began stroking the beads over and over and heard the message, “You need to let go.”

I told her that I wasn’t exactly sure what he was meaning, but it was clear that he was talking about something physical, that she needed to let go of an actual thing. I continued stroking the beads and her face lit up in recognition. “The prayer beads!” she said.

She explained to me that while her father was in the hospital, someone had put prayer beads around his neck. When he passed, she took the beads and had been carrying them with her ever since. It was an emotional topic for her, and as she spoke I again began hearing the adamant message that she needed to let them go. He said that they were just causing her pain and that they weren’t ever really his to begin with.

At that point, I stopped stroking the beads and began touching my wrist as I felt his attention shift. I repeatedly grabbed my left wrist with my right hand and heard him saying, “She already has the watch.” I told her as much and again she lit up. She said that she had actually made a trip to his house to specifically retrieve his watch and that it was one of the only things she’d taken from his home so far.

We continued on and she asked if he had feelings about whether or not she should sell his house. She didn’t want to and wasn’t ready, but another family member felt like it might be a good idea. As I leaned into the question, I felt guided to put my right arm up in the air and kind of wave my hand around like I was shooing a fly. I also mimicked the sound I heard him making in this kind of dismissive way from his mouth. It’s a bit hard to explain without demonstrating, but he just kept doing this over and over and over.

She smiled and said that he used to do this exact thing all the time when he didn’t want to talk about something. She even recounted a time when her sister-in-law had made fun of him, mimicked the move and said to him “What is this? What is this thing you always do?” The motion was incredibly meaningful to her and validated his presence.

He did this movement with his arm repeatedly and said that she doesn’t need to worry about the house right now and that she can wait another 6 months or so before dealing with any of that. It was a huge relief to her and a delightful surprise to me that the messages were resonating.

Time was up for our reading, and we ended with her feeling connected to her father and so much clearer on the “what next” of her healing around his death.

It was such an interesting experience for me as well because it gave me a little more courage and curiosity around trying to contact specific people. Psychic work is so different for all of us, and trying to bring forward messages from one single person has always felt a bit heavy for me. In the past I have felt tripped up by fears of being wrong or of not receiving messages. My utmost intention in working with clients is always integrity, and I didn’t want to disappoint anyone.

Maya’s reading left me feeling excited and validated, as it did for her as well. It also highlighted for me the power of collaboration in these readings. Her father was giving me little snippets of messages, but without her trust and willingness to share her side of the story and details with me, the messages would have fallen flat. I realized after that reading that my ideal clients are those who believe in this work, who are willing to collaborate with me in this way, and who are flexible and patient in working through the process with me.

This is a journey for me as well in accepting and opening to these gifts, and every reading gives me a chance to practice and play with greater levels of connection. I am grateful for people like Maya for trusting in me and for her father’s spirit for so powerfully showing himself. I, too, am changed and blessed by these exchanges, and I’m excited for what else is possible.