The Get-Shit-Done Guide (and Why Your Guides Want You to Use Them)

We had a 6-year-old crisis this morning. I was packing for my brother’s wedding in Mexico chatting on the phone with my mom, when my daughter came in with big crocodile tears telling me she had lost her tooth. And not like, lost it from her head, but lost it from the little sparkly plastic tooth holder the tooth fairy had let her keep it in when she left her the five bucks a couple weeks ago. (I know, our tooth fairy is very new age. She leaves the money and the tooth.)

By the time we made it into her room for the reenactment of where exactly she’d dropped it, she was near sobbing. I had her sit on the bed with me and take a few breaths. I told her she needed to steady her energy and re-center on the belief that “everything always works out for us” if she wanted to find the tooth. It’s something we say in her bedtime routine, and a belief I feel strongly that serves us well through life if we truly believe it. (More on that another day.)

Like I said, she’s six, so she wasn’t exactly amused with my requests. But she did it. She breathed, and after mumbling the sentence the first time and then sassing it the second time, by the third time she legitimately and boldly proclaimed, “Everything always works out for me.” It was only then that we were ready to actually look for the tooth.

She showed me exactly where she had been holding it, exactly where it had fallen out of her palm and exactly where she felt like it dropped. And you guys, I combed this entire freaking area. I got down on hands and knees and looked with my face pressed against the carpet. (I determined that we definitely needed to vacuum once we found the damn tooth.) I carefully swiped with my hands. I slowly shuffled my feet. But nothing.

As you can imagine, the tears were picking back up, and the energy was getting unsteady in the room again. I told her to take deep breaths and keep focusing on how everything always works out for us. And then it hit me. We needed help. So right there in that moment, I said “Chlo, time to pull out the big guns. Let’s call on our guides.” And sitting there on a very dirty carpet in a spot I’d looked ten times already, I said out loud, “Guide of Lost Things, can you please help us find this tooth?”

Now, it’s important to note that I have no idea who the Guide of Lost Things is or if there even is a Guide of Lost Things. Maybe I’ve just watched too many Tinkerbell movies, but nevertheless here is what I do know. We have hundreds (maybe thousands) of guides tasked to helping us, and most of them are sitting around drumming their fingers in boredom waiting to be put to work. And whether or not this guide only helps with finding things or a host of other practical, everyday-life-kinds-of-binds, I knew there had to be someone listening who was ready to put the right hat on and help us find that damn tooth.

And I’m not exaggerating when I say that I looked down almost before I even had the request out of my mouth, and it was sitting right freaking next to me plain as day in a spot I’d looked and swiped and shuffled already. I laughed out loud, presented Chloe the precious little dead tooth, smiled and said, “Everything always works out for us.” We thanked the guide out loud together, and I came straight into my room to write this down. Because, seriously you guys, you can’t make this shit up.

And what I’m realizing is that the more we use our guides, the more they show themselves.

I did an Angel Reading for a client and dear friend yesterday, and her guides were bouncing up and down to talk to her. Three of them went so far as to tell her who they were, what she could call them, and exactly how they thought she could be doing things differently in her life in order to remember and feel her own sparkling beauty. I mean, they had a clipboard and a list for god sakes.

One of the guides introduced himself as her Get-Shit-Done Guide, and I smiled because I’d had this same category of guide introduce himself in a reading someone else did for me two year ago. He said he’s tasked with, well, getting shit done. (Duh.) Finding parking spots, not missing flights, even keeping her alive from time-to-time on some of those wilder drunk nights in her twenties. The guide who holds this job description is usually feisty, a tad over-confident, and hella-witty. And what I’m starting to understand is that we have all someone like this standing over our shoulder.

The other commonality I’ve seen come up in readings is the Lead Guide. This is the head honcho who has seniority over all the other guides and is with you always. While it seems like some of the others may multitask or serve entire families or several people, your Lead Guide has eyes only for you. There is a sweetness and a sternness to this guide, and she knows everything there is to know about you. She’d be the kind of girl to ruthlessly dominate the Debate Club in high school and then offer fresh, home-baked cookies to the opponents she’d just creamed. She can hold her own, but she still has grace.

From my experience and understanding, she’s there for comfort, for reassuring you of your gorgeous true essence and for basically running the show. Yes, she can accomplish more than any of the other guides put together, but why would she? She has minions for that. So yes, call on your Lead Guide. Ask her to organize the troops to help you out, but know her biggest delight is standing by your side and helping you remember how wonderful you are.

My Lead Guide revealed herself to me in Bali almost three years ago to the day. I was at a meditation retreat, and while doing a particularly intense meditation, I suddenly started shouting her name. I had never known or even heard the name before, but at the same time it felt like the most comforting sound I’d ever heard. She and I have grown closer over the years, and she is single-handedly responsible for helping me to finally shine my light in regards to my connection to the other side. She is next to me cheering right now as I share this information with all of you.

So what do you do with all this?

First, you don’t have to know your guides’ names. It’s rare for guides to reveal their names, and yet at the same time it doesn’t have to be rare. Remember, this life is all a hologram. We’re making it up as we go along, and we get to affect the rules. Trust your intuition and lean on your own understanding of what you know about the energies always surrounding you.

Second, call on them! I can’t stress this enough. Let it be easy. Simply create your own category (like I did for the Guide of Lost Things) and just call on that guide. They’ll figure out on the other side who needs to step up for the job. I called on my Money Guide just a few days ago to help bring more money into my life and to help me remember that money can come from anywhere. Within three days I received a call from an old boss from over a decade ago who wanted to hire me on an ongoing basis to do some writing for her. We hadn’t talked in years. This shit is fun. Let it be fun.

Third, be aware of your energy. It only takes two breaths to drop in. Two breaths to connect to your true essence. What I did with Chloe in her bedroom to steady her energy is what I do with myself on a moment-by-moment basis. We are the synthesizers calling this life into being. When we create from a steady, clear, connected place we have more power to create in the way we want. Master your emotions, and let them work for you instead of ruling you. (Meditation, meditation, meditation.)

Finally, remember that this is supposed to be fun! It’s perfectly okay to call on your guides when you’re sad or lost or angry. And they’ll happily answer. But lightness is the true portal to the other side. To the extent that you can lighten your energy, find joy and remember that this is all a video game called Life, do it. There’s always a better feeling place just one rung up from where you are on the ol’ emotional ladder.

Okay, and one more thing. No ask is too small. And no ask is too big. Think of the deepest love in your life. Maybe it’s a child or a pet, a parent or a lover. Our guides love us at least a hundred times as much as the truest, deepest love you have ever felt in your life. Of course they’re going to leap at the chance to find that tiny little tooth in a sea of dirty carpet. Because your delight is their greatest joy.

Your guides want you to use them. Call on your Get-Shit-Done Guide TODAY and then pay attention when help comes.

(And don’t forget to say thank you.)