The Floyds are in Barcelona!

We have officially arrived in my beloved Espana!  As I type this I'm sitting on our rock hard bed in our quaint queen size room at the Holiday Inn Express on Calle Pallars (thank you Priority Club Reward points!).  We are delirious, road weary and super excited to have finally made it!!!  It is Tuesday afternoon at 1:20pm and I think our bodies are feeling the 6:20am that they think it is back in Texas.

Our voyage went mostly without a hitch, aside from Brian doing most (okay all) the heavy lifting.  Our taxi driver jokingly asked if I had 'dos muertos' (two dead bodies) in my suitcase when he unloaded it at the hotel.  And I must say that I delightfully surprised myself when we got in the taxi at the airport, and the Spanish started rolling off the ol' tongue.  I didn't even have to dust it off.

We were a little cramped on our 9 hour flight from Houston to London, but thanks to the British and their generosity with free red wine, we both got quite a good snooze, maybe a total of 5 or 6 hours.  Our flight from London to Barcelona was considerably more comfy and I have no idea if the booze was free because we were both out the minute the plane left the ground.  The sweet little steward actually had to wake me up to tell me to put my seat up for landing and to check my seatbelt.  Those British Airways people are rather serious about their seatbelts.  Oh, and about picking up the rubbish.

So now I think the plan is to email our roomie who also arrived earlier today and begin our trek around the city to set up mobile phones and find an apartment.  The joy of being in Spain has finally hit me, and I'm wildly optimistic that the apartment hunting is going to go swimmingly well.

The memories from my 6 months here in 2002 are all flooding back, and I had the best time chatting with the cab driver who is from a nearby town to Alicante.  The great adventure finally feels like it has officially begun and I'm so abundantly thankful.

I'm not overly thrilled about the exchange rate and seeing my hard-earned American dollars dwindling under the commanding crush of the Euro, but what are you going to do about it, you know?  My dad says money was made to be spent, and we're officially at that point!  The saving and saving and more saving happened, and now it's time to have lots of fun watching it dwindle.

Okay, well, you can tell I'm tired.  I'm a bit all over the place.  More to come after we make some progress on all our big hairy to-dos.  Like finding a place to live!

Vale. Venga.  Dos Besos.  Hasta luego!