Sunny San Sebastian

We're back from a fun-filled weekend with family in Zurich, Switzerland, but before I post all the adorable pictures of Brian's cousin's 17-month-old son Tristan and our chilly adventures in and around Zurich, I want to finish our trip to the Basque Country.

Our hotel was situated halfway between Bilbao and San Sebastian, so on Sunday we set out to explore San Sebastian. I have heard over and over from friends what a magical city it is, and I have to admit that it did not disappoint. The parking Gods led us straight to a prime free spot on the street close to the old city, and we set off walking to find tapas row.

We came hungry, and I'm glad for it! We tapa-hopped between 5 or 6 different places, vowing only to grab one tapa at each bar and of course always getting two. We only had minor difficulties at a few places finding vegetarian pinxos for me, but for the most part, there were options abounding. I even found a stuffed jalapeno! Hello Texas!

After we were sufficiently stuffed we finally found our way through the old city to the beach...Playa de la Concha.

This statue sits high atop a hill watching over the bay and the people of San Sebastian. Very Rio de Janeiro.

Knobby trees!! I LOVE seeing these trees every time I visit my sister in northern California, and I was so tickled to see them here as well.

See the statue?

We enjoyed a couple sangrias by the beach before heading back through the old city to try our stomachs at a few more tapas and call it a day....

Random, I know. But this guy wouldn't leave us alone while we were drinking our sangria and I thought I'd take the chance to play with the settings on my camera. I'm now qualified to be a bird watcher.  :)

We had arrived early enough in San Sebastian that we had big plans of just nibbling on tapas in the afternoon, hanging out on the beach all day and then finding one of the more renowned restaurants for a multi-course dinner that night.  However we had absolutely no self-control with the tapas and pretty much just decided to roll ourselves out of the city around sundown. It was a delightfully lazy reminiscent of our beloved Sunday Fundays back home...

We had thought we might venture back to San Sebastian at some point Monday, but Monday turned out to be a day reserved for hidden beaches....