Spanish Date Night and USA Flashback

It's officially 3:24am and I'm wide awake from my FIVE HOUR SIESTA earlier this evening.  I would be stressed out about this wacky sleeping schedule except that I don't have a job and therefore don't have to worry about getting up way early in the morning to perform.  It's quite the foreign concept to me, and I have to admit that I'm taking to it quite readily.  ;) Brian and I ended up at el puerto (the port) for dinner because by the time we made it out of our hotel room it was just past midnight.  We found a quaint little touristy spot (if there is such a thing) and enjoyed Pizza Margarita and Spanish beers.  It's a little difficult being a vegetarian here, but I'm finding my way.  My mantra is flexibility, so I'm trying not to stick out like an American in regards to my dietary issues.  And if that means lots of cheese and bread and cheese pizza...then so be it.  I'm walking enough to make up for it.

After dinner, we wandered around the very lively puerto and people-watched.  It's so funny to think back to 9 years ago when I was in Alicante studying abroad and how we would pretty much frequent the port there most days of the week.  We did a lot more partying and a lot less sleeping.  I'm looking forward this time to a lot more yoga and wandering the city with my camera and a lot less sleepless nights.  I still love my Spanish nightlife, but it's a really different perspective this time around.  Married for one.  Almost thirty for two.  And looking to unwind and find my creative self for three....

Back to date night...  After dinner and beers, we settled at a terrace bar and shared apple hookah and a bottle of wine.  My throat kind of hurts from puffing on the hookah, but it was an experience for sure.  I can remember many a hookah in Spain the first time around!

As for the USA flashback, I am reminded over and over again here how lucky we are to have such great friends.  I have thought of so many of our friends from home since we've been here and feel abundantly grateful for those people in our life.  Since I can remember, my Mema has always talked about the importance of friends and has been the most supportive person in my life in that regard.  I'm looking forward to making many new friends and hopefully welcoming any of our willing and able friends to visit in Epana!!

Speaking of which, for New Year's Eve we spent the holiday with my best friend Amanda and her husband Toby.  Amanda and I have been two peas in a pod since about 2004 when we first met at Celebrate Austin selling advertising together.  At my urging Amanda spent a few months abroad in Europe in 2005 and has been one of the biggest cheerleaders of our sojourn to Spain. She's been my steady Monday night date for the Bachelor (or whatever reality show...the Biggest Loser this past fall) and wine and cheese, and I miss her terribly.  But I can't tell you how comforting it is to know you have friends like that, even if they're an ocean away.

Thanks to everyone for being so supportive and sending us all your great love messages via Facebook, email and this blog!  We love hearing from you!!  Floyd family, I promise to follow up my previous Christmas blog very soon with A West Texas Christmas Story, Part Two.  I downloaded the photos off my old camera tonight.  I'm super fancy now with a high tech camera.  ;)