She Can Fly!

While I'm visiting Lacy in California this week, I've had the fun fortune of taking advantage of her fabulous yoga studio, Breathe Los Gatos. Saturday I came to work with her with intentions of only taking a Yin class, which is all about deep stretching and holding poses for a looooong time. But I kept peeking into the other studio and curiously eye-balling the gorgeous purple slings hanging from the ceiling for the flight class...

And I thought, what the hell?! When in Rome! Or California! So I jumped right in and gave it a whirl.

And unbeknownst to me, Lacy meanwhile jumped right in my purse and got my camera out. It was a classic big sister, little sister moment where she's all waving and cheering and telling me how she thinks I should be doing the poses, and I'm laughing and turning red with embarrassment. I was glad she was there though because I don't think I would have realized how cool what I was doing actually is unless I had seen the photos of me doing it!

Trying to flip myself over for suspended plow pose and not having much luck by the 5th attempt...

So I got a little nudge from the instructor Amber and.... ta da!

I was giddy with excitement by the time I was done, and I'm planning to go back tonight for another class. And I DID end up taking the Yin class right after! So it was the best of both worlds.  :)