Sagrada Familia 2.0

Since the Sagrada Familia was crawling with people on Gaudi Tuesday, we decided to come back on Thursday RIGHT when they opened to beat the crowds. Well, as it turned out RIGHT when they opened ended up being about 1.5 hours after opening on Kayla and Kristina time. No pasa nada! It's our vacation, we can do what we want!

The Sagrada Familia is a couple miles from our piso so we decided to walk instead of taking the metro. Along the way we saw Barcelona's bull ring, which I hadn't seen before.

Like Dali's eggs!

When we finally made it to the Sagrada Familia the line was of course wrapped all the way around the block. So we waited. And waited. And waited. We were both parched so I broke my rule of not going into any American fast food chains and popped over to McDonald's to buy some bottled waters.

Inside at last!

I almost didn't take any photos because I have so many from when Brian and I visited in January, but I couldn't resist. I adore all the stained glass.

This was a window peeking into the floor down below us.

These windows made me think of my Mema. She loves blue, and I'd love to be able to transport these to her house in Texas.

Tina and I were trying to figure out if these windows were going to grow up to be stained glass like the others.

We must have taken 10 different iterations of this self-portrait trying to actually get some of the church behind us, but I have a knack for capturing the floor.

See the shadow of the church on the street?

After I had told Tina horror stories about the 100m tower, we realized that our elevator ticket was for the rear facade, which only takes you up 50m. It was still just as beautiful but I wanted Tina to get to experience the terror of crossing that little footbridge.

This was our footbridge for wussies. Still pretty. Ignore the set of arms growing out of Tina's head.

See Tina? Climbing down, down, down the tower.

Hello to the ground. I was getting brave by this point and leaned over the little look-out point to take this photo. I'm kind of a rock star like that.


Here we go with this damn staircase again. For me this is almost worse than the 100m bridge. I don't know why but it freaks me out that there is no inside handrail and that the stairs aren't much bigger than your feet (well, my big feet). By the bottom, my legs were shaking so bad I had to take a few breaks and a few deep breaths.

After Sagrada Familia we headed over to meet Brian at his school. When I lived in Alicante in 2002, we always ate at the Spanish tapas chain Lizarran, so I had been wanting to try it and knew of one on our route to ESADE. We each ordered the menu del dia and Tina decided she had an appetite for Xipirones...little baby-sized squid.

She thought they were going to be cut up into rings like calamari or at least have some sort of starch with them, like rice or something. But no, just little baby squid swimming in some creamy white sauce.

She was none-too-happy about the meal but decided to at least try to eat it. Her face tells the story. I think she ate 2 of the 8 little guys in total, but she suffered the entire time.

I, of course, could not stop hysterically laughing while I nibbled on my vegetarian tapas and sipped my Spanish beer. Madre mia, it was probably one of the funniest moments of the trip. For the rest of the day Tina complained of a xipirones stomach ache. Lol.

After our traumatic lunch, we walked the rest of the way from the restaurant to Brian's school. In total I think we had already walked 5 miles by the time we got to ESADE but somehow we were still insistent on making it to Tibidabo. Tina only had one full day left after this day so it was kind of now or never. So off we went....