Rocky Afternoon

After packing it up at the beautiful Albufera beach, we loaded into the Ford Ka and set out to check out the next beach on the map. We were both chilly and sand-speckled so we made the decision that we wouldn't camp out on this beach and would instead just take a nice long walk. Lo and behold we didn't really need to worry about that because there was no sand! Rocks, baby!

The beach was just at the edge of a neighborhood, so we parked the little coche on the street and climbed down on the rocks.

Yes, that's Brian still toting the sangria. Keep in mind I'm still in flip flops because I thought we were going for a nice long stroll in the sand. So I'm doing my best not to fall flat on my face while traversing the uneven terrain. Classic Kayla.

There was a little nautical club right where we parked the car so we checked out the boats and then headed out for our next destination.

We're pretty casual travelers, not really the rise-with-the-sun and pack-in-as-much-as-you-can types. We usually have a general idea of what we want to accomplish on our weekends but we always reserve the right to change those plans at any moment. Since we had expected to be on the beach for a while (and we were probably only there 20 minutes), we had to improvise. We saw caves on the map, Brian announced his love for said caves, so off we went. Well, let me amend that. I of course had to make yet another hilarious call in Spanish to find out if they were open. Si, abierto. And only 10 euros each! Sing along!

Cuevas de Arta were on the side of a huge cliff overlooking the Med. These stairs were actually the exit to the cave. We entered just to the left down below.

I love seeing the moon during the day. Is that normal for it to be out like that?

I swear we made 5 wardrobe changes this day. We had started out in warm clothes, then changed into shorts and swimsuits at the first beach. When we headed to the rocky beach, we added some layers, but more or less over our beach clothes. So once we got here we kind of wanted to change back into what we started the day in. The little cave guide rushed over just as we arrived and I was mid-change in the car and asked if we wanted him to wait on us. Nah, no pasa nada. We'll just wait for the next tour and enjoy the view. He was flabbergasted. You know that's 30 minutes right? Yes, we said. We can sit and soak in this gorgeous view for 30 minutes, not exactly torture.

So that's what we did. We sat on these steps (laid on them really) and basked in the sun until the next tour was set to go.

Brian was totally blown away by the caves and kept talking about how many columns there were. Apparently that means this cave is really, really old instead of just really old. There were six of us on the tour, two couples who spoke Dutch and we lovely Americans. So our Spanish tour guide gave the tour in Dutch and English. But you could tell she had just learned the one or two sentences in each language that she needed to know for each room of the cave. So we'd get to a room and she'd say "This room is called hell. That's because it's the lowest point in the cave." Cute Brian would then ask some in-depth question about how or why certain formations were the way they were and she would look at him with a smile and say "the cave is very old." We were beside ourselves trying to hold in laughter.

See the upside down sheep holding onto the ceiling?

This is supposed to resemble a mammoth or an elephant.

....and the thinking man.

At the very end of the tour the guide said thank you to all of us in our respective languages and I said "a ti tambien" (to you too). She said in Spanish, "who just spoke Spanish?!" I identified myself and we proceeded to have a nice long Spanish conversation about the caves, Mallorca and her background. It never occurred to me to ask all our questions about the caves in Spanish during the tour. Lol. Madre mia.

This is the view as you exit the caves to walk down the stairs Brian and I were sitting on.

Our new friend enjoying the view as well.

By the time we were done with our cave tour it was almost 5:30pm and the sun would be setting soon. We tried fruitlessly to drive around and look for a good beach side bar or restaurant to enjoy the sunset, but everything was closed for the slow season. So in the end we watched the sunset on our way back to Port Alcudia from the little Ford Ka. We were all too happy to see our little temporary home after a long day of driving and getting lost and more driving and more getting lost.  I blame the maps.

That night we ended up eating in town at a great little Italian restaurant before heading back to our studio apartment for vino and a movie on the big TV. It's the little things, ya know? We were so excited to have a place all to ourselves to just lounge and watch a DVD.  It was the perfect Saturday night. Sunday we would get up and head for a little more beach sightseeing....