One-Minute Meditation: First Miracle

Have you thought today about what you've already created in just the few hours or minutes you've been up? Have you considered how your mood...your thoughts...your body have sent an energetic signal ordering up the kind of day you'd like to have...whether that was an unconscious or conscious order?

Guess what?

You really are that powerful.

On Monday at 9am, I partook in my first One-Minute Meditation to create miracles, and my personal intention was to create more peace and lightness in my life. I chose the image of a helium balloon shaped like a peace sign floating lazily and effortlessly toward the sun, and in a matter of seconds in that first half-minute part of the mediation I was overtaken with emotion and moved to tears.

I came out of the meditation vibrating intensely and grateful and not really thinking about how it was going to manifest or attached to any sort of outcome. I just felt great and that was enough.

At about 9:03am I got on Skype for an appointment with my new friend and epigenetic healer Charan. We had an amazing session clearing energies from Chloe for about an hour.

At the end of this emotionally-charged time together, she said that she was feeling compelled to send me an audio series that she thought Brian and I would be open to. Aside from saying that it was more of a "way of being" rather than a "tool," she didn't really give me much information.

I downloaded the files that night and loaded them onto my ipod. I didn't really put much thought into it...just allowed myself to be open and thought "hmmm, I wonder what this is all about!"

Fast-forward to today. I just finished listening to the first call and I'm overwhelmed and overcome with love and gratitude. Guess what the first call was all about?

Creating lightness.

Guess how I feel after listening to it?

Peaceful and light.

I learned beautiful clearing tools for removing the blocks keeping me from the ways I want to feel and live, and I'm just smiling and laughing at this magic life.

Here's how it went down in case you missed it:

1) Elevated emotion + clear intention in my mediation

2) Detached from outcome + open to receive

3) MIRACLE - Order fulfilled ONE HOUR after meditation

It is seriously that easy. And effortless. And fun.

And it doesn't have to be a one-minute a week thing. You can live your life this way. You have the power to choose how you want to feel every moment of every day and then call it into your reality.


This is my reality these days. And it is yours to claim if you want it! ~