Moved In!

We are moved into our new piso and finally settled!  After living out of suitcases for 5 days, it feels good to unpack and have a place to call home.  We are also finally a full wolf-pack with the addition of our final roommate Chelle.  She arrived from the airport yesterday just as we were all dropping off our luggage and meeting the landlord.

Waiting in front of our door at 46 Sant Pere Mes Alt.  We were supposed to meet our landlord here at 12pm to drop off our luggage while they cleaned from the last people.  As most things go in Spain, that actually translated to 12:45pm, but 'no pasa nada'!  We were able to dump our things and go eat while they finished cleaning.

Chelle and Shab in our new little kitchen.  The tile is original from when the building was built, and the kitchen is fully equipped.  After Shabnam went running in the park this morning, she came home with eggs and fruit, and we made our first breakfast in our piso.  It was delicious!  I think it tasted better because it was cheaper than eating out too.  ;)  You can't see in the photo, but there is a dining room table for 4.  This is also where the front door to the place is.

This is the view down the hall from the kitchen.  In the nook to the left are windows where we'll hang out laundry.  The door at the far end of the hall is the laundry room where our little washing machine is.

This is our living area, which is actually pretty great.  The couch on the bottom right is a futon, and the door at the top of the photo leads into the master bedroom/bathroom where Brian and I are staying.  I absolutely love the nook with the windows in the top left of the photo.  I enjoyed hot tea there this morning while I read

Writing Down the Bones

and journaled in my fabulous little Italian journal from my last trip to Europe in 2002.

This is Shabnam's room. It is just off the living room as well.

My and Brian's room. The door leads into the bathroom.

Master bathroom.  That's our closet/wardrobe on the right.

Chelle's room.  Michelle took one for the team and chose the small bunkbed room.  She jokes that she has her daybed on the bottom and her nightbed on the top.

Hall bathroom that Shab and Chelle share.

Yet another menu del dia!  This Arabic restaurant is just down the street from our piso.  The four of us ate here at the recommendation of our apartment locator Mark while our piso was cleaned.  Brian and I shared hummus and falafel and then had a veggie stew and veggie cuscus.  The food has been pretty amazing most everywhere and it hasn't been too hard finding vegetarian fare.

I am not a coffee drinker in the states, but I've been having about 2-3 cafe con leche a day here.  Shab was so excited to find out that our local coffee shop (Alsur Cafe) has soy milk!  They've had the best coffee of any we've tried in the city so far.  And it's just down the road from our place.  AND they have free wi-fi! Yay!!!

It was nice to finally have a home for our first weekend in Barcelona.  The streets were alive with people of all ages last night, and our little neighborhood had a great energy. Shab went to dinner with a family friend who lives in Mallorca, Brian and I met Tylor for tapas and wine, and Chelle slept off her jet lag.  This morning we made our beautiful breakfast and trekked off to visit the campus.  I'll try to come down to Alsur Cafe again tomorrow and post photos of our little school adventure today!

We get to sleep in tomorrow, and then los estudiantes have to go to school for orientation.  From here on out they all only have school Tuesday thru Thursday, but tomorrow they have a short opening session from 12:45pm to 3pm I think.  I plan to explore the area and try to find a yoga studio.  I feel like we've been getting plenty of exercise with all the walking, but I'm looking forward to getting into a yoga routine.

I think I may have found my word for the year this morning while I was journaling, but I think I'm going to mull it over for a little while longer.  It's been fun exploring as a group this week, kind of like tourists, but I"m looking forward to getting into a routine and feeling like we actually live here.

I think we all feel like we really lucked out with our little piso and are happy to begin our vidas espanolas!