Meditation Miracle: The Body Code

I am sitting here like blissful silly putty in a gooey love fog. Seriously. I have a permagrin smeared on this happy face, and I'm breaking out into intermittent laughter without warning.


Why am I feeling like I've been slapped with the happy stick you ask?

Well, I just had yet another body code session with the beautiful, amazing, funny, talented Charan Surdhar.

Charan is a geneticist turned epigeneticist who works with people to release trapped emotions and energies in the body that are keeping them from being their truest, most authentic expression of their fabulous selves. But around our house she's lovingly known as "our energy healer."

By no accident I have been working with Charan since I began meditating back in June, and it has been nothing short of miraculous.

During our sessions (done via Skype...she's a wonderfully-accented Brit) Charan taps into my energy and then uses muscle testing to identify the trapped emotions. Through a series of yes/no questions, she follows the energy trail through my body, from chakras and organs to nerve channels and hormones and identifies blocks and dysfunction keeping my body, heart, mind and spirit from performing optimally.

As she hones in on each emotion she also identifies the age it was trapped and the underlying cause, and then POOF! clears it with magnetic energy.

This is big, people.

I'm talking YEARS of trapped pain and anguish gone in an instant.

The stored pain of my parents divorce...GONE.

The heartbreak of losing my Uncle Todd...HEALED.

The angst of that bad high school breakup...RESOLVED.

The fear and distress around that college shoulder injury...COMPLETELY FREAKING CLEARED.

I could go on and on and on. Layers and layers of pain, fear, anxiety, heartache, and general gunk have been lovingly and decisively dissolved into the big love pool that now is my body.

It has been a beautiful process and yet another sweet chapter in this miraculous story that is my life.

It has affected me so profoundly that I read the intro book to learning the process called The Emotion Code and have begun releasing trapped emotions on my family and friends. It's so deliciously addictive! Watch someone you love break into tears of joy as they instantly release hurt they've bottled up for years, and you'll know what I mean.

The evidence Brian and I have been asking for in meditation just keeps pouring in through experiences like this. And the Universal Truth it brings is so beautiful...

You are energy. Your natural state is one of perfect health. You deserve to feel all the the love that embodies you.

Our whole family has been so deeply impacted by this work...

Brian has seen the wall around his heart crumble as more openness and love pours in. His health has improved along with his outlook.

Remember those food allergies Chloe was experiencing that we healed with meditation? Well, there was still some lingering dermatitis (red spots around her mouth now and then) when she would eat certain foods. No big reactions like before with swelling and histamines triggering hives, but still some redness at completely random times.

Charan was able to tap into Chloe's energy and release trapped emotions from the birthing process as well as things she picked up en utero, and you guessed it...the dermatitis with those foods stopped.

But the real miracle is the lesson it has taught me about the importance of focusing on the health and vitality in our bodies instead of the perceived sickness and pain.

Through this emotional process with Chloe's issues with food over the last 6 months and through this work with Charan, I saw how I too was getting so focused on and so entangled with the idea of this pesky imperfection that I was completely missing all the perfection that is my daughter's happy, healthy little being.

I said it before, but I seriously could gush endlessly about this important work Charan is doing.

My purpose in sharing this with you is to yet again follow that nudge in my heart and "share my joy." With each and every miraculous day my eyes and my heart are being opened to the magnificent beauty of this magic life, and I burst with love and joy at the thought of spreading that message.

As I have tapped into deeper and deeper states of awareness through meditation, I can literally feel people's pain and hear their suffering in my heart, and it has become so clear that it is my purpose to help spread this message of light and love.

Life doesn't have to be so hard. I promise. You don't have to suffer and live in guilt and pain.

We are here to enjoy and to relish in the wonder of this human experience, and my wish is that you will open your heart and mind to allowing that experience for you.

Sooooo much love to you!

May you find the healing you so deserve.