Meditation. Inspiration.

The orgasmic tingle of meditation, God how I love it, crave it, feel its addictive pull.

Most days I scurry around in meaningless Earthly circles

My ego stubbornly resisting the stillness.

But when I settle in and meet her there

When I bow and release and succumb and acquiesce,

She never disappoints.

Her energy is electric

Her cadence mesmerizing.

I feel the hard edges of my soul apparate into a fine mist

And I know I've given myself over to her.

I know the healing breath of the divine will fill my lungs once more

And for a string of moments I taste God on the lips of my heart.

I am bathed in the soothing vibrations of a father's lullaby

And I am enshrouded in the comforting embrace of a mother's soft breast.

I see myself.

Naked. Pure.

I feel myself.

Sinking in. Letting go.

I am nothing and everything even if only for a moment.

And all at once it is enough.

I am enough.