Making Room

Clarity is such a gift. Don't you always appreciate it when someone is really clear with you? Whether it be with directions, what they expect from you, what the plans are... It's nice to have clearness of thought, desire and action.

Now imagine having that same clarity with YOURSELF. About what you want out of life...the kind of person you want to be...the people you want to surround yourself with.

It gives me chills of excitement just thinking about it!

Well, luckily clarity is one of those beautiful things that manifests when you're in your zen...when you're in the flow of your authentic self.

And the clarity in my heart and soul has been whispering quite distinctly...


Simplify my thinking. Simplify my intention. Simplify my life. 

Get clear, get specific and get going.

In support of this loving voice nudging me along, I have allowed myself to be open for the Universe to show me opportunities for embodying this message. And it of course came from a very poignant story in The Secret. 

Paraphrased, the book outlines the story of a single woman who was ready for a man in her life. She meditated on having a man, visualized herself in a happy, healthy relationship, talked with friends about her desire for partnership, but the Universe wasn't delivering.

Then one day as she drove home, she had an aha moment as she parked her car in the garage. She was parking in the MIDDLE of the garage. She was sleeping in the MIDDLE of her bed. She had a closet STUFFED full of clothes. Sure she was saying she was ready for a relationship, but her actions were telling a completely conflicting story.

So as you can probably guess, she started parking on one side of the garage, sleeping on "her" side of the bed, and she even cleaned out her closet to make room for someone else. And lo and behold, guess what happened? 

Yep. You guessed it. The man. Arrived. 

So this really got me thinking about the areas of my life where I could be more CLEAR with the Universe. Where am I sending mixed signals that may be confusing the issue? Where could I make room in my life for what I really want?

My storage unit!

It hit me clear as day. Here I am saying out loud to friends how much I love our simple life in condo-mini, how much I really don't even miss our stuff that much, and yet at the same time I'm petitioning the Universe for stability, for a place to call home, for a weekend cuddle session with Brian on OUR couch.

Confusing? Um, yes.

So how could I help this situation? 

Since our stuff has basically been abandoned in the storage unit for the last 15 months, I felt like maybe I needed to pay it a visit. I wanted to figure out how could I send the message to the Universe that I am flexible and okay living the much simpler temporary life in condo-mini, while still sending a very clear message that my intention is definitely to create a more permanent (but still simple) life centered around OUR stuff.

My clothes.

I know. How did we get from wanting to sit on my own couch to my wardrobe?

Well, I have had this nudge for a while now to pretty much clear out the "wardrobe of Kayla's past." I have lived for over a year now on the same tiny rotating set of seasonal clothes, and it feels GREAT. Yet, I was still fearfully (key word "FEAR", people) holding onto all these clothes of former Kayla "just in case."

How rude, right?! Just in case? Just in case!

Just in case, what? Just in case I don't actually trust the Universe to guide me exactly where I'm supposed to be? Ouch.

So there it was clear as day. My little offering...vibrational rockets of desire launched into the Universe.

I COULD make room in my life for the Universe to act by simplifying my wardrobe. At the same time, I'm moving things around...lovingly touching the things we'd like to make room for in our life to come...sending energy into the storage unit thereby giving our stuff a little love nudge that we still remember it's there. And at the same time I make a big loud proclamation to the Universe that I trust this path I'm on, and I know I won't be needing any of those "office clothes" in this direction.



Move forward.

So that's exactly what I did. And wouldn't you know I had the tools right there in my back pocket already?

My good friend Donna is a phenomenal personal wardrobe stylist here in Austin, and we've been collaborating harmoniously and joyously as we launch our practices alongside one another. Me with the coaching...her with the styling. She's a closet organization guru, so I figured who better to help?

We donned our comfies, rolled back the storage door, and one-by-one drug out each box, each tote, each bag of clothes in beautiful, cleansing, symbolic liberation.

And with her expert help and guidance and my clarity and trust in this great Universe, I venture to say I probably got rid of about 80% of my wardrobe.

Old dresses that had been worn week after week to a miserable job were tossed joyfully in the "donate" pile. Business suits whose very fibers seemed to suck the life right out of me were set aside for the women's shelter. Jeans, tops, shorts, dresses, name it...effortlessly, lovingly, gratefully they were stacked, sorted and sacked.

Out of my life. Out of my storage unit. Out of my mind.

I loudly lovingly told the Universe...

I trust you!!

I can't wait for what comes next!!

I LOVE that you always provide exactly what I need!!

I can't possibly do justice to the excitement...the ELATION I felt rolling that stuff away on that little cart. I am mindfully, clearly and lovingly making room for what I in this life, and joyfully trusting the Universe to bring it. And it feels great.