Just Beachy

Happy Valentines Day!

We whisked away to another fun-filled getaway this weekend (this time to an island...which means lots of BEACHES!) which I'll post about later this week, but first I need to finish last weekend which was capped off perfectly with beach time on a gorgeous sunny day in the quaint little seaside town of Sitges.

And Aunt Mary, I finally took some photos of Spaniards just for you!

The weather was absolutely AMAZING...high 60s, low 70s (I think...who knows these days with Celsius temperatures), the sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky. We sooo wished we had our swimsuits and a sarong to just bask in the sunshine, but alas we were prepared for a wine weekend not a beach weekend. We resolved to always keep our sarongs, flip flops and swimsuits with us from now on, no matter what the weatherman says. In the meantime, we found a bench just along the seawall in the sand and did our best to expose some skin for tanning. Have I mentioned how much I DESPERATELY need a tan? I don't think I've ever been this 'creamy' as my older sis would say.

It was a great day for sailing! Or so it seemed...

The boardwalk (paseo) was absolutely bustling with people out enjoying a beautiful, unseasonably-warm, sunny Sunday. I have never seen so many kids zipping past in my life...razor scooters, roller blades, and baby cars as the little one above is so aptly demonstrating.

How could I forget to mention that this day was also Brian's first day driving a standard?! Oh, and what an experience it was! We left our little B&B in the morning after breakfast and cruised around on the back roads for Brian to have his first go at the fits and starts of two-footed driving.  He practiced lots of first-gear and suddenly became much more sympathetic to the many faces of stress he had seen me wear on our weekend getaways. When he thought he finally had enough practice to jump right in, we decided to set off for Sitges. The drive from Penedes was only 30 or 40 minutes, but one minor detail, we had to traverse a small mountain range. No pasa nada. We laughed the whole way through as he up-shifted and down-shifted and as I shouted out directions between white-knuckle grasps on the door handle. When we finally made it to Sitges (all in one piece) he was much more confident and actually doing pretty well. But unfortunately for our green driver, the town was absolutely PACKED, which meant lots of first gear. He sputtered his way through the tiny winding streets of the town looking for parking, and when he finally could not handle stalling or peeling out one more time in front of anymore old ladies and honking cars, we did a Chinese fire drill and I took over from there. All in all he did a great job, but it was nothing short of hilarious. Lots of collective deep breaths and encouraging words.  :)

The Sitges coastline is literally split by a large cathedral. Once you climb the stairs, wander through the plaza and pass the church, you meander behind a few buildings to arrive at the other side of the beach. As we walked through the passageway, we were welcomed with the beautiful sound of an accordion and the sight of this Spanish woman reading on her doorstep.

Ta-da! The other side of the beach! We found a sushi restaurant on the boardwalk and enjoyed a bottle of cava and a lazy lunch by the sea.

One of my favorite portraits of the two of us. Like my talllll shadow? This in the plaza next to the church. Cool flooring, huh?

We've gotten pretty adept at the long-arm photo. Or I should say Brian has.

On the plaza in front of the church.

These kids were all skateboarding down the stairs in front of the church. We enjoyed watching this guy land a few jumps before eating it on the pavement.

Kids, kids, and more kids...

Love was in the air for sure. I snapped several photos of couples draped all over each other lying on the beach. These people love displaying affection. Publicly. A lot.  :)

The water in the Med right now is in the upper 50s, but the kiddos didn't seem to care. Everywhere you looked, little diaper-bottomed toddlers were splashing in the surf.

This little one was on a serious mission.

I don't think these girls were Spanish but they provided quite the entertainment for the crowded beach. We had seen them earlier in the day laying out in their underwear when the sun was beating down, but they waited to take a dip until almost dusk. Brian couldn't figure out why they would wait until it was so chilly; I'm guessing liquid courage.

Enough fun...time to retreat...

We had our fair share of cold-swimming when I lived in Spain in undergrad, so I enjoyed watching these two have such a good time. Even if they did look like they were freezing their tooshies off.

Nothing like the double piggy back ride.

It was a day for seaside cartwheels for sure.

A stroll along the beach knows no age limits.

All the older people out enjoying the beauty and getting a little exercise brought smiles to both our faces.

Say queso!

This one makes me smile. Makes me think of me and Lace spending summers on the Texas coastline.

Even though the weather was pretty warm in the sun, people were all fully-clothed (for the most part) on the beach. I loved seeing entire families chucking their boots and coats and plopping down in the sand.

A little break for the aching feet. We walked and walked and walked some more this day.

Another fun day. Another great adventure.