How to Get Quick, Direct Messages From Your Guides Right NOW

I’ve been in pursuit of wisdom from my guides and my higher self for as long as I can remember. As an unsure teenager seeking guidance through the woes of adolescence and family and growing up. As an insecure 20-something desperately wanting clarity around career and self-worth and relationships. And now as a woman in her 30s who is finally (finally) leaning into her power and understanding what it means to find steadiness.

Here’s the thing though. The one thread I can remember running through all those times was my belief that receiving guidance was hard and that it had to take a long time. The sheer number of books I’ve read to find that elusive telephone to god consciousness would make you sigh in exhaustion. I mean, you guys, I’ve toiled, I’ve suffered, and oh man, I strived.

But here’s what I’ve been realizing lately in these beautiful, easy, clear moments of deep connection with Spirit. Receiving direct messages from your guides doesn’t have to take a lot of time. And it isn’t even hard.

My sister and I were talking the other day about how we’ve been playing with receiving messages under water. Water holds its own sacred vibration, and the access to the Oneness frequency is so different and potent when you’re submerged in it. But obviously it doesn’t lend itself to super long conversations with the other side when you’re holding your breath for only seconds at a time.

Lacy was telling me this hilarious story about how she went under water in the bath with one of her metal straws thinking she could breathe through it and stay under longer. But instead she ended up with a mouth full of bath-salted water and lots of laughs. When she put the straw down and just submitted to the timetable, she got a quick, spot-on message and that was that. Easy. Direct.

But you don’t have to dunk your head in your next bath to get this same result. You see, the x-factor in her experience wasn’t the water. It was the expectation and the belief that a quick, direct message could be possible. Since she was in the bath and she only had limited time under water to receive, she surrendered to the belief that it would have to happen quickly. And so it did.

That’s how our guides wished we talked to them all the time. They’re usually standing right over our shoulders ready to give us the quick one-sentence answer we need, and instead we keep shushing them until we have more time or we’re somewhere we deem more appropriate for receiving. You know, like when we’ve lit our sacred candle and put on our sacred mala and recited our sacred chant. All the while, they’re standing there rolling their eyes and drumming their fingers waiting for us to just freaking listen.

I have fallen prey to this flawed logic too. Trust me, it’s not just you. When I first started doing readings, I would often set aside an entire day to channel for a single client. Let that sink in. An entire freaking day of my life to channel messages for someone else because I believed it had to take a long time. That I had to do a long meditation to get myself in the right state, that I had to sit quietly in a dark room for just the right amount of time to tap in, and then of course that I had to take the time to carefully receive the messages and then painstakingly record them.

But it just isn’t true. Our lives can’t not be sacred, and it’s always the right time to receive. We’re always in a sacred moment. We’re always in a sacred place. And we’re always having a sacred experience. Because to be alive is sacred.

Two breaths. That’s it all takes you guys, and you’re in. One breath to ground you and another to connect you. And most of the time you probably don’t even realize you’ve already taken the two breaths needed for the messages to start coming.

What would it look like if you started believing that communion with your guides was easy? What would you allow yourself to feel or know or trust? What knowings would you take more seriously and what rules of what “sacred” is would you take less seriously?

Our bodies are made for connection with the other side. The wiring of our nervous system is capable of not only sensing and receiving information but also transmitting and delivering it too. And do you know what one of the best regulators of the nervous system is? Our breath. Slow, rhythmic breathing calms the nervous system and heightens our senses.

Two breaths. That’s it.

Play with this today. Any time you have a struggle or a question or a moment of confusion, simply take two conscious breaths and then ask for guidance. Open your heart. Close your eyes. And trust whatever you hear, feel, remember, taste, smell or know. Part one is in the asking, but part two is always in the trusting.

Trust yourself, and your powerful ability to receive. And for the love of all things sacred, let it be easy.